Note: the following are internships made in special arrangement with the Art Department and area organizations. There are many more internship opportunities available in the visual arts not listed here that can be found by visiting ACCEL in Reis Hall.

Illustration Internship with the French Creek Project

An internship in illustration for publications for the French Creek Project which brings together conservationists, landowners, farmers, the business community, local government officials, and academic institutions in a collaborative effort to protect one of Pennsylvania’s premier streams.


Visit the French Creek Project website

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Art Internship with community youth agencies

An internship with community youth agencies in the Meadville area whose institutional goal is to give children ranging in age from kindergarten through high school a safe place to have fun and learn in a drug-free, smoke-free, and violence-free environment after school hours. This internship is designed to introduce and exemplify art’s capacity for allowing and encouraging connection to community as well as art’s ability to augment personal development in both students and teachers. This internship is ideal for the student who has an interest in teaching art, in incorporating art into the general classroom curriculum, or in art therapy.

The internship will:

  1. Acquaint the student with the concept of a community youth center and the services is provides.
  2. Facilitate the connection of the making of one’s own art with the teaching of art to others.
  3. Involve the student ins the planning and implementation of appropriate art experiences.
  4. Familiarize students with traditional and current trends in art education through reading and research.

The intern will meet regularly with the agency director for discussion and supervision as well as weekly conferences with the internship instructor to review assigned readings, discuss the design of the classroom experiences, and review and reflect upon the results of these experiences. Performance will be evaluated by the on-site supervisor in consultation with internship faculty. In addition, the faculty will evaluate the student’s written work consisting of a journal integrating on-site experiences with the assigned readings and a research paper.

Prerequisite: Art 151, 155 or 156, 261, and the approval of the supervising faculty member. Must be taken for credit only and may be repeated. Credit: Two or Four semester hours.

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The Erie Art Museum Art Internship

An internship for students with adequate preparation in art history which enables them to become familiar with the operations of an art museum, including day-to-day administration, preparation of special exhibits, and interaction with the professional art world. In addition to duties assigned by the museum, the student keeps a journal and writes a research paper. Special projects can be developed as appropriate to student capabilities and the museum’s schedule. The intern is evaluated by the Museum Director and the supervising faculty member.

Visit the Erie Art Museum website.

For more information, contact Professors Amelia Carr at or Richard Schindler at