Work Study Opportunities

A listing of work study opportunities available in the Allegheny College Art Department:

Work Study opportunities are available in the Art Department in several capacities. There are jobs available in the art gallery, the art store, as studio and research assistants.

Jobs in the art store are more limited in number than gallery jobs and are generally reserved for second, third, or fourth year students whom the department believes can handle the responsibilities associated with the job. These responsibilities include: managing store inventory, tracking sales, handling money, and keeping the department notified of any needed orders or changes in the store.

Jobs in the gallery are quite competitive with flexible hours. Four work study students are employed to install exhibits and monitor the gallery. Hours for the gallery jobs include days and evenings as well as occasional weekends during transition between shows. Experience in art, set construction, or carpentry is helpful. Duties include but are not limited to hanging art, patching and painting walls, and assisting visiting artists.

For information about working in the art store, e-mail Sherry Vardaro; for information about gallery jobs, e-mail Professor Darren Lee Miller.