Student Stories

Paula Frisch

Having two majors can be a challenge, but for Paula Frisch it is an inspiration. Paula’s extensive Environmental Studies research, which has included a semester abroad in Mongolia among nomadic herders, serves as rich motivation for her Studio Art projects. “Within both of my majors I am taught to have a wide perspective but also pay close attention to detail,” Paula says. “I have discovered that pairings I originally thought were unusual are actually interconnected and have more in common than I ever could have imagined.”

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Emilie Gilbreath

Art is as important to Emilie Gilbreath as biology, her second major. She excelled in art during high school and didn’t want to leave it behind—even though she plans to become a nutritionist and physician. “I hope to continue making art that is meaningful to me,” says Emilie. “I want my work to change the way people see the world, and hopefully make it a better place.”

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