Paula Frisch

“Art is a challenge, but it’s something I just couldn’t 
live without.”

— Paula Frisch

Having two majors can be a challenge, but for Paula Frisch it is an inspiration. Paula’s extensive Environmental Studies research, which has included a semester abroad in Mongolia among nomadic herders, serves as rich motivation for her Studio Art projects. “Within both of my majors I am taught to have a wide perspective but also pay close attention to detail,” Paula says. “I have discovered that pairings I originally thought were unusual are actually interconnected and have more in common than I ever could have imagined.”

Paula began her Allegheny career as only a Studio Art minor. With some encouragement from her professors, however, she soon realized that her artwork could be more than just a hobby. “The balance of support and independence I have been able to maintain with the faculty has been absolutely perfect for my growth as an artist, a student and a curious person,” Paula explains. “Art is a challenge, but it’s something I just couldn’t 
live without.”

Outside of the art studio, Paula serves as the President of Students for Environmental Action, the Vice President of Hillel, and a member of the wind symphony. Paula also enjoys volunteering and instructing art classes at Meadville’s Active Aging Center. “The class has been a very rewarding opportunity to share my passions for art and interacting with senior citizens,” she says. “It has really shown me how much I enjoy teaching.”

In the future, Paula hopes to achieve degrees in both Fine Arts and Environmental Health. She plans to remain in Meadville immediately following graduation to build upon the network she has established within the community and on campus. “Allegheny is a very supportive atmosphere,” Paula says. “You are always encouraged to pursue your interests and explore things that are different. I now challenge myself to see unobvious connections between all of my interests.”