Conservation and Environmental Sustainability

Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

Tamarack specializes in the rescue, treatment, and release of injured, orphaned and sick wildlife. Additionally, Tamarack provides public education programs and materials on the behavior, feeding habits, and natural habitats of many of Pennsylvania’s species of wildlife.

Hog Heaven Rescue Farm

The mission of Hog Heaven Rescue Farm is to rescue, rehabilitate and foster abused, neglected and unwanted hoofed animals. They take these animals in and provide vet care, feed and farrier care, working on getting these animals healthy—physically, emotionally and socially. After rehabilitation, they help adopt them out to loving forever homes.

Allegheny Volunteer Service Leader: Olivia Newman

Hog Heaven Rescue Farm is a hoofed-animal rescue located about 13 miles off campus. The farm takes care of a number of species including horses, donkeys, alpacas, mules, and, like the name implies, pigs. Every Saturday, a group of Allegheny College student volunteers leave campus at 8am and arrives back around noon. While on the farm, students help complete the daily farm chores. These include feeding the animals, cleaning the barns and pastures, and socializing with the animals. On some weekends, the farm owners may need help with projects such as rebuilding fences and improving outdoor shelters. Water-resistant boots and old clothing are highly recommended if one is coming out to the farm. Hog Heaven is a common destination for Allegheny College’s Service Saturdays but trips happen every Saturday (weather permitting). Every weekend other than service Saturdays, an email is sent out with a google excel doc that allows students to sign up for that coming Saturday.

Crawford County Humane Society

The Humane Society aims to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals, to offer proper care for stray and injured animals, to enforce all laws designed for the protection of animals, to secure in lawful manner the conviction of all persons violating such laws, and encourage people to be kind in their treatment of animals. Allegheny Volunteer Service Leader: Stephanie Walker,