Welcome to the Allegheny Service Network

The Impact Area Movement looks to engage faculty, students, and community members on work that addresses issues they are passionate about. To do this, it is important to connect student initiatives, course work, and the work of the community agencies to create meaningful change in the community.

You can get involved at any level and create meaningful change in the community while exploring your passions and connecting service to academics and a life after graduation.

The ripples of service at Allegheny can range from occasion service to becoming a service leader. Keep exploring this website to find out what calls to you!

How To Get InvolvedRipples of Service - Updated

Alternative Spring Break 2015, Habitat for Humanity
  • Become a student service leader

    Contact our Office of Civic Engagement!
    Bonners, Davies, and Allegheny Volunteer Service Leaders are three service leader programs that connect students with community organizations that work in Meadville around all the different impact areas. These service leaders coordinate programming and mobilize volunteers to help agencies meet needs in the community. Contact the Office of Community Service and Service-Learning at (814)332-5318 for more information. Ask Civic Engagement for our Civic Engagement Phonebook with all current Service Leaders!

  • Take a class

    Many classes at Allegheny investigate the impact areas through an academic lens that provides a
    foundation to understand these issues and their larger context. You can look at the course catalog here for more information: http://sites.allegheny.edu/academics/catalogue/.

  • Do your work study job in the community

    There are opportunities for students to engage and get to know the community as a tutor, mentor, or volunteer at community agencies as part of their work study position, allowing them to see how these issues are present in the community. Consult the Student Jobs Database to see what positions are available.

  • Join a club

    Allegheny’s student organizations are heavily involved in creating impact on campus, in the community, and even nationally and internationally. For more information on what different organizations do, look at the Office of Student Involvement webpage at: http://sites.allegheny.edu/studentinvolvement/.

  • Get connected through an internship or other career development opportunities

    Go to Career Education to discover how you can connect your passion to an internship or life after graduation. Call (814)332-2381 to make an appointment.

  • Participate in a trip, service project, or event

    Service Saturday, February 2016
    Service Saturday, February 2016

    Every year, there are service projects, philanthropic events, and service trips conducted by different organizations and offices on campus that you can attend to explore different issue areas.

  • Attend an Impact Area meeting

    Connect with others involved in these different opportunities over the issue that you feel passionate about by attending an Impact Area meeting!