Facilities & Strengths

Student access to all departmental facilities and equipment is the rule at Allegheny, producing research opportunities usually reserved for graduate students at other institutions.

  • Steffee Hall of Life Sciences: state-of-the-art facility features combined classroom/laboratory spaces, greenhouses, darkroom, aquatics laboratory, digital imaging work station, and student and faculty research areas adjacent to faculty offices.
  • All equipment is available for student use including: ultracentrifuge, luminescence, fluorescence and UV-Vis spectrophotometers, tissue culture facilities and equipment, optical microscopes (fluorescent, Nomarski, phase contrast, etc.), liquid scintillation counter, Real-Time PCR systems, ultra-low temperature freezers, scanning electron microscope, imaging flow cytometer, confocal microscope, cryostat, luminometer, gas and liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometer.
  • Bousson Environmental Research Reserve: College-owned area with streams, ponds, wetlands, and almost 300 acres of woodlands.
  • Extensive computer and projection facilities in classrooms and laboratories are an integral part of introductory and advanced courses.