Current Partnerships & Opportunities

Experiential Learning

Sponsored Programs for Off-Campus Studies


The following are permanent departmental internships. Many others may be arranged individually.

  • Conservation biology (Erie National Wildlife Refuge)
  • Fisheries biology (Game Commission Fish Hatchery)
  • Allied Health care (Meadville Medical Center)

Research Assistants

Allegheny faculty engaged in research frequently use student assistants, who work with them locally and in other research environments, such as the University of Toronto, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Rochester, and the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. 

Field Studies

Allegheny’s location offers unique opportunities to study plant, bird, animal, and insect life in natural settings such as:

Honors and Prizes

Outstanding student work is recognized annually with the Biology Faculty Prize and the Robert E. Bugbee Prize. There is also an active chapter of Beta Beta Beta, the national biology honor society.


The annual Darling Lecture Series brings a nationally known scientist to campus to lecture and conduct seminars for students. The department regularly sponsors other seminars and guest speakers, including alumni, each year.

Graduate School

  • About 70% of our majors attend graduate or professional school eventually. About 50% go on directly to graduate school (20%) and professional school (30%), representing a 90% acceptance rate.
  • Recent schools include:
      • Carnegie-Mellon University
      • University of Pittsburgh
      • Cornell University
      • Dartmouth College
      • Thomas Jefferson University
      • University of Pennsylvania

    The most popular fields of study include: medicine, dentistry, neuroscience, molecular and cell biology, and ecology.

  • Health Professions (3-2, 3-3 programs)

Career Data

  • About 50% of our majors seek employment directly following graduation. The most popular fields for those with a bachelor’s degree: laboratory technician (university, hospital, industry), elementary and secondary education, medical technician, environmental technician.
  • The most popular fields for those with advanced degrees: medicine, dentistry, biomedical research, ecology.