Student Profiles

Colleen Friel

“I enjoy Biochemistry because it gives you a wide range of opportunities to get involved with science and become a well-rounded student,” Colleen Friel explains. “I love being able to conduct research while learning to better understand the natural world around me.”

As a Biochemistry major, Colleen has focused her studies on agricultural plant-microbe interactions – a combination of plant biology and microbiology. She has fulfilled multiple research internships by working with various Allegheny professors, and she has also performed research at the South Dakota State University Department of Biology and Microbiology. Along the way, Colleen claims that she has received much guidance from her academic advisor and professors.

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Colleen Zink

When biochemistry major Colleen Zink isn’t peering through a microscope in the lab or studying, she’s leading rafting, rock climbing, or hiking trips with the Outing Club. She also enjoys her Spanish minor classes. “After sitting through lectures and labs, I get to attend Spanish class, where we listen to music, play games, and practice conversing,” says Colleen. “It serves as a nice balance to my intense science classes.”

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