Anacelia Gomez ’15

AnaceliaGomez_square_webMajor: English, Creative Writing
Minor: Psychology

Extracurricular Involvement:
Association of Caribbean Students; African student Association; Bonner Scholar, served in low income housing development

“My trip to Honduras as a mentor to a group of school-aged children made me more grateful of my opportunity to study at a school like Allegheny College. I witnessed how unreliable the education system was. The teachers had many strikes and the students would miss class. Many of the parents dropped out of school at an early age, yet most expressed a desire to either return to school or support their children in their educational journey. Every time I sit in a classroom, I realize how grateful those parents and kids would be in my position. I want to return one day and offer my experience to inspire brighter futures.

I have learned that service is not simple, but it is necessary. I have been changed by my involvement in areas of diversity. I once thought diversity only applied to race, but I’ve learned that it involves people from all walks of life. I now want to be an educator and teach children that the world is bigger than their classroom, their school, and even their own neighborhood. I want them to understand that they already have answers to many of the issues we are puzzling with.”