In the summer of 2012, Allegheny College, as one of many regional landowners with property that overlies Utica Shale, was approached by leasing consultants about the possibility of gas exploration in the Bousson Environmental Research Reserve.  At the direction of the Board of Trustees, President Mullen organized the Bousson Advisory Group  to gather facts and to ensure that there is a transparent and inclusive process to guide us as information becomes available. With our high national profile as one of the nation’s greenest colleges, we realize that we must commit ourselves to a process for deliberation that emphasizes the College’s core values of both sustainability and civility.

The Bousson Advisory Group offers this website as a source for evolving information, news articles and event announcements, and as a place where the campus community can offer feedback, raise questions, and share additional resources.  To read more about the purpose and members of the Bousson Advisory Group as well as access meeting minutes, visit About the Advisory Group.

Update March 26, 2014: The Board of Trustees released their response to the “Report to Trustees: Shale Gas Development and the Bousson Environmental Research Reserve” completed by the Bousson Advisory Group in November 2013.

Update June 27, 2013: After being asked if Allegheny College had made a decision to sign with a particular landowner group, the college declined to sign, since the institution has made no decision yet and committing to a landowner group at this preliminary time could wrongly indicate a decision had been made about a drilling stance.

Update December 6, 2012: Seitel Data, a seismic testing company, informed the college that the contract and seismic testing anticipated for March 2013 had been cancelled.  They will be in touch if and when the contract is resumed.