Hot Cash: Why Saving The Planet Is All About Making Money

Jeffrey Ball, "Hot Cash: Why Saving the Planet Is All About Making Money"

The Allegheny Center for Business and Economics in partnership with the Law & Policy Program will present a special Lunchtime Learning event on September 26, from noon until 1:30 pm in the Tillotson Room, Tippie Alumni Center, entitled Hot Cash: Why Saving the Planet Is All About Making Money presented by award-winning writer, Jeffrey Ball.

Mr. Ball will be on the Allegheny campus to team teach a Law & Policy short course entitled, A Comprehensive Approach to the Future of Energy Policy among other appearances, and will take this opportunity to focus on the economics of creating sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and the economy.  All are welcome to attend this special lunchtime event and learn more about the relationship between monetary policy and sustainability.

Lunch will be provided compliments of the Law and Policy Program.

Mr. Ball is an internationally renowned scholar, journalist, and author on energy and the environment. His work has appeared in Foreign Affairs, The New York Times, Fortune, and The New Republic among many other outlets. He is scholar-in-residence at Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance and lecturer at Stanford Law School. Prior to his post at Stanford, Ball was The Wall Street Journal’s environment editor.  Learn more at