Senior Projects 2013

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Adams, Kyle: Determinants of Automobile Production: An Empirical Study

Austin, Theresa: The Role of Efficient Human Resource Management in the Airline Industry: A Case Study of Southwest Airlines and American Airlines

Bassi, David: Exploitation or Compensation: An Examination of the Value of College Athletes in Revenue Generating Sports

Beckinger, David: Oil, Influence, and Instability: An In-depth Examination of Venezuela’s Oil Dependence Under Hugo Chavez

Bista, Shilpa: The Impact of Brain Drain: Ghana’s Medical Brain Drain & India’s Technical Circulation

Breskvar, Kevin: The Wine Industry Cluster: Potential and Driving Forces in Lake Erie Wine Country

Brouillard, Noelle: The Global Strategies of Spanish Multinational Corporations: A Case Study of ZARA

Cumpstone, Cal: Labor Productivity A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

Cusimano, Kara: Influences on the Male and Female Labor Participation Rates in Traditional American Households

Danzey, Tyler: Okun’s Coefficient Across Demographic Groups

Daun, Tyler: Strategic Positioning of Internet Television Firms

DelGreco, David: The Economic Effects of a Salary Cap in Major League Baseball: A Study of the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics

DeStefano, Anthony: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Sporting Goods Industry: An Analysis of Nike and Adidas Competing for Power

Douglas, John: Labor Unions: How Declining Membership Affects Wage Determination

Eiben, Daniel: Determinants of Immigration within the Schengen Area

El-Ani, Taylor: Returns to Education: Is There a Wage Premium Associated with Graduates of Private Colleges?

Haas, Charles: The Federal Budget Deficit and its Determinants Throughout the Business Cycle

Hartford, Colin: The Economic Impact of the Olympic Games on Host Cities and Nations

Jones, Denise: “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”: Analyzing the Impacts of Public and Affordable Housing Developments on Spatially Concentrated Poverty

Jordan, Alexander: Competition in Emerging Industries: The Case of Ethanol

Jordan, Jonathan: Creative Destruction Within the Printing Industry: An Examination of the Resulting Opportunities

Kawai, Yuki: How Do Companies Succeed in the Global Market?: The Case of Canon and Xerox

Lehr, Ashley: Restaurant Industry Strategy: Exploiting Demographic Change in a Weak Economy

Lynskey, Thomas: Determinants of the Demand for Natural Gas in the Industrial Sector of the U.S. Economy

McLeod, Devone: How Did Government Policies from the 1980s Contribute to Current Income Inequality?

Miller, Alexandria: The Automobile Industry: Strategies for New Entrants

Minney, Zachary: Paid or Played: The Financial Struggles of Professional Athletes

Moore, Ian: The Demand for Renewable Energy Resources in the Industrial Sector

Moreno, Elizabeth: International Business Franchising: The Effect of Cultural Differences on Company Strategy in the Food Industry

Morrissette, Philip: Delay of Game, 2 Minutes: The Power Struggle Between the Players and Owners of the National Hockey League

Murphy, Kyle: United States Bankruptcy Determinants

Nda, Axel: The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: An Empirical Study of Côte d’Ivoire

Pantelas, Aris: The Importance of Well-Defined Property Rights: A Case Study of Libya and Saudi Arabia

Predic, Uros: The Determinants and Effects of Foreign Direct Investment in Serbia

Pszenny, Greta: Corporate Social Responsibility and Economic Performance: An Empirical Study of the Retail and Healthcare Industries

Rectenwald, Cory: Institutions, Efficiency and Outcomes: The New Institutional Economics and Indian Development

Ryan, Ann: Competitive Strategies in the Athletic Industry: An Empirical Study of Nike and Under Armour

Sanzone, Conner: Competitive Strategies in the Beer Brewing Industry: The Case of Anheuser-Busch InBev and The Boston Beer Company

Schneider, Jessica: The Role of the Informal Economy in the Greater Economic Systems of Developing and Developed Nations

Schwartz, Benjamin: A Story of Leverage: Cyclical Patterns in Consumer Credit Growth

Seltzer, Julian: The Next Gasoline: Applying the Tesla Model to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies

Sheaffer, Timothy: Your Money or Your Life: What’s Wrong with the United States’ Healthcare and How to Fix It

Sosa, Max: Split Decision: The Split Rate Property Tax & Effectiveness as an Economic Growth Strategy

Sprowls, Zachery: Output Demand and Job Growth: The Effects of Natural Resource Extraction on the Unemployment Rate

Traynor, Brittany: Determinants of the Labor Force: Men v. Women

Zimmer, Andrew: Strategic Positioning Used to Break into the Sports Nutrition Industry