Senior Projects 2004

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Albaugh, Jonathan: “Factors Effecting the Annual Salary of Dentists”

Chagnon, Marc: “Earmarked Spending in Federal Appropriations Bills: A Study of It’s Inefficiencies and Political Infulences”

Croner, Sean: “The Competitive Advantage of Contracted Labor: A Nike Case Study”

DeMatteo, Valerie: “The Impacts of Deregulation within the Telecommunications Industry”

DiSilvio, Phillip: “The Effects of Welfare Reform and a Strong Economy on Labor Force Participation in the Late 1990s”

Donato, Lauren: “Post-Merger Integrations: A Business Marriage Counseling Guide”

Dungee II, William: “Factors Underlying High Unemployment Amongst African Americans”

Filip, Adrian: “Market Volatility and the New York Stock Exchange: Is Beta Constant?”

Fischer, Michael: “The Slaughterhouse Cases and Their Political and Economic Implications”

Haborak, Mark: “Experimental Economics and Sprague Dawley Rates and Their Preference to Sensory Cued Food”

Johnson, Eric: “Why is a Recovering Economy is Unemployment Still Rising?”

Keating, Patrick: “The Effects of Insider Trading on Global Markets”

Keck, David: “Innovative Strategies in the Skies”

Kusick, Robert: “The Economics of Offshore Outsourcing”

Mansfield, Michael: “High-Performance Work Systems: Do Firms and Employees Really Benefit?”

Meszaros, Kimberly: “Entrepreneurship and its Role in the Modern Economy: A Case Study on the Beauty Salong Industry”

Morgan III, Frank: “Building MLB Stadiums: Have They Gone From Being A Competitive Advantage To A Competitive Necessity?”

Nagle, Lindsay: “Brand Development in Monopolistically Competitive Markets: A Focus on the Ready-To-Eat Breakfast Cereal Industry”

Niewoehner, Dan: “Credit Card Use and Compulsive Spending by College Students”

Olsavsky, N. Stephen: “Supply and Demand: How to Win the War on Drugs”

Pavlekowsky, Christopher: “An Investigation into How Leading Firms Manage Innovation”

Pepper, Shawna: “Strategic Planning of Magazine Firms: An Analysis of the five Forces of Competitive Advantage Applied to a Particular Slice of the Magazine Industry”

Polack, Aaron: “The Hedge Fund Puzzle: Challenging Traditional Finance Theory”

Root, Brian: “The Underlying Hypocrisy of Prohibition: A Socioeconomic Analysis of the Eighteenth Amendment”

Selfridge, Daniel: “Examining the Trend of Increasing Investment in Higher Education”

Seward, Richard: “How Technologically Innovative Companies Deal with Uncertainties Encountered in the Innovation Process”

Simon, Anthony: “NASCAR vs. Major League Baseball: An Analysis of Fan Loyalty”

Smith, Eric: “Development and Interaction Through Direct Marketing”

Smith, Michael: “Economical Advancements in Professional Snowboarding: A Revised Economic Model for The United States Ski and Snowboard Association”

Sondej, Brian: “Defeating the Pressures Associated with Global Competition: A Case Study on Hewlett-Packard and the Invention of Thermal Inkjet Technology”

Sondej, Adam: “The Dominant League Theory as it Pertains to the IRL-CART Battles from 1996-2004″

Springer, Jason: “The Decline of Indigenous Cultures and the Rise of Consumerism”

Stone, Kristina: “Determinants of Profitability: Diversification, Innovation, and Organization”

Strittmatter, Jennifer: “Economic Valuation of Residential Housing”

Taylor, Robert: “A Managerial Application of Cost Functions by a Railroad: An Analysis of the Toledo, Ohio Freight Yard, the East Erie Commercial Railroad and the Pittsburg & Ohio Central Railroad”

Tenace, Lee: “How Do Antitrust Laws Afect Professional Sports? The Caseof Maurice Clarett”

VanAmerigen III, Frank: “Determining the Relationship Between Economic Globalization and Human Development”

Wisser, Gregory: “The Effects of Athletics on a Student’s Enrollment Choice”