Senior Projects 2005

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Aboagye, George: Offshore Outsourcing-A strategic Tool For competitive Advantage

Brady, John: Research and Development in the Automobile Industry: An In-Depth Look at General Motors and Toyota

Chrisner, Douglas: The prisoner’s dilemma and cooperation in the rat: effect of a change in the payoff matrix

Clements, Amy: The Allocation of Foreign Direct Investment: An Analysis of China’s High FDI Levels

Coyle, Courtney: A Managerial Analysis of Non-Profit Organizations

Cromie, Adam: Down on the Farm: The Use of Minor League Baseball as a Strategic Tool

Czop, Erica: Inefficiencies of Nonprofit Organizations: A Case Study of Conneaut Lake Park

Dai, Scott: Causality Relationship between the New York Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Devlin, Casey: Determinants of Growth in the Telecommunications Industry: From The Typical Telephone to the Future of Wireless

Foo, Benjamin: Foreign Direct Investment: The Fuel of China’s Growth?

Frey, Peter: Economics of Scale in Pennsylvania Hospitals

Girard, Nicholas: Research and Development in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry

Harimohan, Chaitanya: The Rise and Fall of the American Automobile Industry: The Impact of Japanese Imports and Energy Shocks

Hritz, Victoria: The Impact of Research and Technology Development on Annual Medical Expenditures and Healthcare Costs in the United States

Iberkleid, David: Fad Food

Karpa, Leah: Adapting With Technology: A Case Study of the United States Postal Service

Lantzy, Aaron: Wealth’s Effect on the Economy: Personal Wealth and Consumption

Janzilatti, Domenic: The Jobless Recovery

McCarthy, Sam: Globalization: How this Cultural Phenomenon is Changing the Way We Live and Promoting Growth for Multinational Corporations

McKim, Chase: An Economic Analysis of Franchising: The Success of Applebee’s in Pennsylvania

Montgomery, Ben: Subway’s Niche Market Strategy in the Fast Food Industry: A Case Study

Receski, Mark: Developing Output: What Makes a Nation Rich?

Ridolfi, Joseph: Comparative Analysis of the Determinants of Technological Development of Nigeria and Korea

Shanley, Lindsay: The Effects of Quota Elimination in the Apparel Industry

Sippel, Ty: Power of Franchising: How Corporate Chains Are Dominating the Casual Dining Industry

Sirikietsoong, Patcharah: Industry Research Before Investment: Entrepreneurship and Feasibility Analysis

Storer, Reagan: Best Practices In Research and Development: A Case Study of Dad’s Pet Care

Sullivan, Jamie: Reconstruction and Rejuvenation of Investment Risk: The Trends of Efficiently Financed Olympic Host Cities

Sullivan, Michael: Price Determinants of Gold: A Study of What Factors Play a Role in Setting and Determining the Price of Gold

Tubo, Jacklyn: A Managerial Analysis of Corporate Expansion: A Case Study of Wal-Mart

Vena, Thomas: Evaluating the Price of Residential Real Estate in 2004

Whitlinger, Adam: The Bush Health Care Plan: An Application of the Forward-Looking Theory of Consumption