Senior Projects 2006

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Carll, Brandon: Consumption of Credit and Its Role in Marxism Crisis Theory

Davitt, Alyssa: The Effects of Public and Private Waterworks on Waterborne Disease Rates

Denton, Drew: The Structural Change in the United States’ Economy as Caused by World War II

DeStefano, Lauren: The Perseverance of the Wage Gap: A Comparative Study Between the United States and Spain

Dicello, David: Brewing Up Success in America: An Industry Analysis of Coors Brewing Company

Foley, Sean: The Economic Impact of Work Stoppages in Professional Sports

Fonzi, Marko: What is the True Economic Impact of Hosting the Super Bowl?

Fryman, Paul: The Craft Brewing Niche: Economic and Cultural Significance of a Budding Industry

Gallagher, Eileen: An Analysis of the Determinants of Consumer Debt: Is There a Consumer Debt Crisis?

Gallek, Jessica: Determinants of the Output Growth of the U.S. Steel Industry

Gelles, Matthew: Fluctuations of the Stock Market and Money Supply

George, Elliott: Competitive Balance in Sports

Johnson, Erik: Public Interest vs. Special Interest: The Underlying Factors of the Sherman Antitrust Act

Kosanovic, Chad: Standard Oil’s Use of Predatory Pricing and Raising Rival Costs

Lasser, Brian: A Critical Examination of the Late Nineteenth Century Meat- Packing Industry

Lyzen, Kristen: Price Gouging Due to Hurricane Katrina: A Study of the Exxon Mobil Corporation

Ludewig, Matthew: The NHL Lockout of 2004-05: Positive Results on Employment

Marshall, April: Workless Women: Factors Underlying the Unemployment Gap Between Men and Women in the United States

Meili, Michael: The Effects of Demographics on Savings and Investment: Will the Market Plummet When the Baby Boom Generation Retires?

Modzelewski, Emily: The Impact of Cross B Order Outsourcing on Employment in the Manufacturing and Service Sector

Monarko, Daniel: Creating a New Market Space: The End of Competition Based Strategy

Moore, Andrew: A Different Look at Government Spending: A Study of the Effects of Discretionary Government Spending on the Economy

Odotei, Alan: Analysis of Venture Capitalism and Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Toll Grade Communications, Inc.

Panteleimonitis, Spyros: Freedom, Responsibility, and Monopolies

Pugliese, Andrew: Surpassing the Bar: Eco-Effectiveness and the Triple Bottom Line

Robine, Danielle: An Analysis of the Determinants of Women’s Labor Force Participation Rates

Rodgers, Aaron: Is the United States Currently Experiencing a Housing Bubble? A Study of the Existence and Effects of a Housing Bubble on the United States’ Economy

Ross, Justin: Determinants of Salaries for NFL Athletes: An In-Depth Analysis of the Wage Determination Model, Efficiency Wages, and the Human Capital Model

Sarkodee, Pamela: The Implications of Globalization in a Developing Nation: An Evaluation of the Impacts of Global Integration Experienced in Sub-Saharan Africa from 1983 to 2004

Schaefer, Joseph: The Economic Impact of Allegheny College on the Meadville Area

Schlosser, Benjamin: Fact or Fiction: The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and its Effects on the United States

Shirley, Josh: >Stop the Evil Empire: The Need for a Salary Cap in Major League Baseball

Wentz, Jeffrey: Examination of the National Football League as a Cartel through Territorial Relocations

Wheeler, Katie: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Auction Theory with a Case Study on FCC Auction No. 61

Witucki, Brad: Examining the Relationship Between Team Salaries and Winning Percentage in “America’s Past Time” and “America’s Most Popular Sport”