Senior Projects 2007

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Benedict, Amanda: The Economics of State Healthcare Reform in California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania

Bunch, Robin: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination of the Unemployment Rate Gap between Men and Women in the United States from 1970 to 2005

Canzano, Anthony: Evaluating Michael Porter’s Theories on Strategy and Operational Effectiveness: A Case Study of Kodak and Fuji

Chan, Daphane Wing: International Competitiveness and the Driving Factors

Cholakov, Georgi: An Analysis of the Complete Labor Supply Curve

Chorba, Daniel: Do Corporate Insiders Still Trade on Non-Public Information?

Collins, Graham: Gender Discrimination in the Labor Force Amongst Lawyers

Cornish, Eric: Biodiesel and Its Potential Role as a Substitute for Petroleum-Based Fuel

Coxon, Nicholas: How the Explosive Growth of Google Influenced Internet Advertising

Cruea, Devin: The Determinants of Real Investment Growth

Deniro, Justin: What is General Motor’s Strategy?

DeSalvo, Jennifer: Unlocking Victoria’s Secret: A Brand Identity Analysis and Determinants of Net Sales Growth in Victoria’s Secret Stores

Fedele, Christopher: The Demand for Housing in the United States

Fish, Michael: The Living Wage: Impact and Analysis

Gillen, David: The Effects of Outsourcing on the U.S. Economy

Glamuzina, Thomas: Are the Perceived Health Benefits of Wine Linked to the Increased Consumption of Wine in America

Holtzman, Jennifer: Accountability Systems: The Effects on Teacher Quality

Kelly, Ryan: Long-term Effects vs. Short-term Effects of Organizational Downsizing: A Case Study of PNC Bank Financial Corporation

Kukucka, Graham: The Monopolistically Competitive Model: A Comparative Look at the Commercial Real Estate Market in Allegheny County

Kunick, Cale: Starting a Business in the Service Industry-Portable Storage Rentals

Locklin, Sean: The Effects of the Baby Boomer Generation on the Insurance Industry’s Assets

Malie, Patrick: Effects of Economic Induced Stress On Individual Health

Mangini, John: Undergraduate Student Employment and the Effects on Academic Achievement in a Public University

McNeill, Justin: The Determinants of the Black-White Wage Gap

O’Brien, William: The Decline of Employment within the U.S. Steel Industry

Pappas, John: Corporate Coherence and Its Effects on Economic Performance

Plantz, Anton: The Technology Bubble: A Study in Overvaluation

Poulton, Stephen: Technology as a Competitive Tool: A Study on How Technology Affects Competitiveness in the Auto Industry

Savage, James: Cigarette Consumption May Increase Your Chance to Lose Your Job

Scheler, Joseph: Civilian vs. Military Wage

Sefscik, Michael: Business Ethics as a Strategy for Competitive Advantage

Shriver, Jesse: Theory of the Firm as Applied to Producer Behavior in Natural Gas Markets

Skinner, Travis: The Changing Nature of Measuring Progression

Sligh, Dravon: The Diversity Challenge: Model and Case Study of a Diverse Firm

Solomon, Marcus: Small Firms and Niche Markets as a Competitive Strategy

Sondej, Erin: The Battle of the Bulge: A Statistical Analysis of the Contributing Factors To Obesity in America

Stetson, Christopher: The United States Federal Budget Deficit: Driving Forces Behind the Deficit and the Impact of the Bush Tax Cuts on Future Deficits

Tarquinio, Mario: Case Study of Non-Profits verses For-Profits: An In-depth Analysis of Efficiency Levels and Structural Management

Vooithoffer, James: Energy Production in the U.S.: Why Not More Coal?

Weinberg, Jonathan: A Case Study of the Microsoft Antitrust Case: Did the United States Department of Justice Get It Wrong?