Senior Projects 2008

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Abinosa, Jessica: The Structure of the Chinese Economy

Ackerman, Dale: An Analysis of the Household Demand for Variable Annuities

Alper, Alexander: The Mortgage-Backed Security Crisis: Theory, Interpretation and Recommendations Based on Prior Relevance)

Astry, David: Unionization and the Racial Wage Gap

Astry, Kevin: Poison Pills: Effects On Takeover Deterrence And Takeover Premiums

Bailey, Christian: Global Outlooks and Economic Goals: Could Globalization Be an Effective Means to Attain Economic Goals?

Baldauff, Natalie: Made in China: An Examination of Foreign Direct Investment in the People’s Republic of China

Ball, Craig: A Case Study of the Effects of Vertical Integration in the Oil Industry

Baumbach, Kathryn: Corporate Social Responsibility’s Role In Creating A Positive Reputation Of The Firm

Black, Jason: The Use of Performance Incentives in NFL Player Contracts

Brannigan, Patrick: Economic Effects of Airline Deregulation

Bouchard, Brandon: eXtensible Business Reporting Language and its Future in US Financial Reporting

Brungo, Luke: The Problem with Major League Baseball: A Study of What Causes Large Market Teams to Win and Small Market Teams to Lose

Byers, Lauren: The Determinants of Private Inventory Growth: An Empirical Analysis

Caplan, Derek: Café Gelatohhhh! A Practical Application of Market Structure, Regulatory and Contract Theories in a Small Business

Cervone, Andrew: The Determinants of Output Variations in the Dairy Industry

Coyle, Ian: At a Glance: The United States Steel Industry Decline

Culleton, Annie: Tobacco Regulation Policy and Its Effects on Consumer Demand

DelGreco, Robert: (Not Available)

Fiscus, Whitt: The Effect of Income Inequality on the Poverty Rate

Frye, Erin: The Effect of Welfare Reform and TANF options on Rates of Domestic Violence in Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Garbutt, Jeremy: The Existence and Advantages of Brand Communities: A Case Study of Apple Inc.

Gaul, Jacob: The Profitability of Environmentally Friendly Technologies: The Energy Efficient Case

Geiger, David: Factors Affecting the Market Share of the Big Three and The Impact of Regulations on the Automobile Industry and Incoming Foreign Direct Investment

Gibson, Philip: Increasing Competitiveness in the Healthcare Industry by Integration of a Middleman

Ginsburg, Joanna: Is it worth it? An Economic Analysis of the Wage Gap between Attendees of a Private College vs. Public College

Glausser, Garett: (Not Available)

Goetz, Adam: NA

Hamilton, Hanna: Offshoring and the Possibility of Factor-Price Equalization: An empirical Study of the Service Industry in the United States and India

Haque, Amal: Factors Affecting the Market Share of the Big Three and The Impact of Regulations on the Automobile Industry and Incoming Foreign Direct Investment

Heckman, Brandon: Teacher Incentive Pay and the Effects on Student Achievement

Horvath, Stephen: The Effects of Environmental Practices in Corporate America: An Investigation of the U.S. Chemical Industry

Jones, Amanda: Boeing vs. Airbus: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Government Involvement in the Aircraft Manufacturing Industry

Kessler, Andrea: The Subprime American Dream: An Analysis of the Subprime Mortgage Market and Regulatory Approaches to Curb Predatory Lending

Kouadio, Herman: France and Unemployment: a case study

Laird, Brennan: NA

Laub, Walter: Evaluating Hedge Funds As Viable Portfolio Diversifiers As Per Harry M. Markowitz’s ‘Modern Portfolio Theory’

Letizia, Alexander: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Aggressive Growth and Diversification Strategies and the Subprime Losses of American Banks

Lieb, James: The Determinants of Coal Demand in the United States

Lytle, Barbara: An Overmedicated Nation: The Examination of Certain Socioeconomic Factors and their Relationship to the Overuse of Psychotropic Drugs

Mahan, Michael: The Profit-maximization Approach of the Wal-Mart Corporation in its Ethical Practices Among its Employee Stakeholders Stakeholders

Marburger, Sara: The Evolution of Exchange In Pre-Coinage Greece

Matz, Nicolas: Determinants of Salaries for MLB Athletes: An In-Depth Analysis of Variables that Affect the Value of MLB Salaries

Maytum, Kristopher: Consumer Preferences, Utility Maximization, and the Demand for U.S. Automobiles

Pegher, David: Strategic Performance Management and the Case of the Giant Eagle Business System

Quinn, Stephen: The Determinants of Supply and Demand Model Affecting the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Rich, Eric: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination of the Determinants of Growth in the Residential Construction Industry

Rodgers, Robert: The Determinants of Real Investment Growth

Rotoloni, Rebecca: Women in the Economy: An Analysis of the Influencing Factors on Women’s Labor Force Participation Rates

Salera, Matthew: The Stakeholder Model of Corporate Governance as the Solution to Pressure from the Principal-Agent Dilemma in the Form of Stock Options

Smith, Eric: A Study of the Effects of the Implementation of Technology in the Manufacturing Industry on Unskilled Workers from the late 1970’s to the Early 2000’s

Stutzman, Andrew: Valuation of On-Field Baseball Performance: A Sabermetric Approach

Sullivan, Shane: Medical Care Consumption in the United States Macro Economy

Taormina, Anthony: Green Tier Solutions  Starting a Business in the Sustainable Construction Industry

Toner, Andrew: Consolidation in the Steel Industry

Trembulak, Joshua: Ethics and the Environment in Small and Medium Size Corporations

Villa, Mateo: A case study in the application of industrial ecology: Woodcraft Industries Inc. CHP feasibility study

White, Melissa: One Hot Cup Of Coffee: Explanation For The Trends In Starbucks Stock 1992 – 2008

Whiteside, Joshua: Globalization And The Environment: The Roles Of Foreign Direct Investment And Trade On Global Levels Of Nitrous Oxides, Sulfur Dioxide And Methane Gas

Wilcox, D.: Renewable Energy: Wind is the Wave of the Future

Wilkie, Christopher: A Study of the Male Labor Force Participation Rate

Woodward, Charles: Unions and Minority Workers: Do Unions Discriminate