Senior Projects 2009

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Atlas, Stephanie
– Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: The Celtic Tiger

Barker, Andrew – An Overview of Residential Mortgage Lending

Bishop, Caldwell – China and the World Trade Organization: A Costs and Benefits Analysis

Briggs, Anthony – The Determinants of Stock Price and the Theory of of Profit Maximization

Cantwell, Christopher – Major League Soccer: An Economic Analysis of Location, Expansion, and Factors of Team Value

Conrad, Jacqueline – The Effects of Charter Schools on Traditional Public School Student Achievement

Cope, Andrew – Corporate Strategy and its Effects on Competitive Advantage: An Illustration of Apple Computers

Crusse, Shannon – Fan Attendance in the National Football League

Davis, Sarah – Employment Based Health Insurance and Job Mobility: Job Lock

Deems, Ronald – An Exploration of Ownership Structure, Managerial Decision-Making and Hospital Performance in the Medical Industry

DeStefano, Matthew – An Evaluation of How Profitable and Lucrative Knowledge-Based Firms are in the Economy

Doherty, Patrick – The Determinants of the Unemployment Rate-Changes in the Response of the Rate to Exogenous Shocks Over Time

Feldhaus, Matthew – The Economic Evolution and Market Structure of the United States’ Film Industry

Gill, Thomas – NAFTA: Effects on the American Trucking Industry

Glor, Daniel – The Volatility of Oil Prices: An Historical and Empirical Analysis

Glownia, Robert – A Strategic Walk Down Wall Street: An Examination of the Theoretical Determinants of Stock Prices

Goebel, Adam – Ethics Management: How Hewlett-Packard (HP) Utilized an Ethics Based Strategy to Become a Market Leader

Habay, Alex – The Stadium Ownership Issue: Does Private Ownership Increase Franchise Values?

Hays, Alexander – Understanding the Marginalized: A Quantitative Analysis of the Economic Issues Facing Latinos in the 21st Century

Healy, Ashley – Determinants of the Interest Rate

Jastromb, Kyle – The Importance of Markets for Technology: A Case Study of Xerox and Qualcomm

Kahle, Patrick –  The Determinants of Outstanding Real Mortgage Debt Growth in the United States

Merz, Greg – Executive Pay and Fraud in Corporate America

Minerd, Mitchell – Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Affirmative Action on the Wage Gap

Murphy, Katie –  The Effects of Educational Vouchers on Student Achievement

Myers, Lee When you Build it, Why Do They Come?

Nafpliotis, Nestoras – Post 1980′s Shrimp Farming in Asia

Pagano, Jonathan – IMF Loan Conditionality and the Implications on the Jamaican Economy

Ryan, Michael – The Effects of the Firestone Tire Recall of 2000 on the Tire Industry

Seaman, Justin – The Effects of Mexican Immigration on U.S. Native Wages and Unemployment

Siegert, Stephen – Investigating the Relationship between Diversification Strategy and Firm Performance

Skowvron, Zachary – Is Major League Baseball Immune to Racial/Ethnic Salary Discrimination?

Somplatsky, Robert – The Determinants of Labor Productivity

Stolar, Gregory – The Effects of the 2004-05 NHL Lockout on Attendance

Theis, Daniel – The Mitchell Model and the Determinants of Profits over the Business Cycle

Vangura, Jeffrey –  Business Ethics: Do They Give a Company a Long-Term Competitive Advantage?

Wisniewski, William – Skill Factors: Inequality and Golf Tournament Earnings

Wolfe, Michael – The U.S. Mortgage Market Determinants of Outstanding Mortgage Debt Growth

Zervins, Daniel – The Governing Dynamics of Adverse Selection in the Health Insurance Industry