Senior Projects 2010

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Arato, Ruth:  Bad Spuds: Problems Within the Maine Potato Industry and the Importance of Hedging its Future Contracts

Bobrow, Joshua:  The Importance of Defining Strategy: A Case Study of the General Motors Company

Boscha, Pravin:  The Failure of the International Sugar Agreements

Brannan, Joshua:  The Economic Impacts of Green Technologies on the Auto Industry: A Case Study Examining Toyota

Buckle, Nicole:  An Exploration of the Determinants of Life Expectancy and Cancer Deaths in the United States

Conrad, Thomas:  Markets for Technology: A Study of Internal Capabilities and the “Not Invented Here” Syndrome

Day, Kevin: Effective Strategy and Capability Formation during an Economic Recovery: The Financial Services Industry

Devinney, Craig: NA

Donahoe, Lauren:  The Determinants of Sales in the Retail Industry

Furey, Melanie:  The Implications and Significance of Strategy in Successful Toiling and Machining Shops in Northwestern Pennsylvania

Glebes, Ian:  Outsourcing the Military

Gordan, Evan:  Determinants of Loan Repayment in the U.S. Microfinance Industry

Grossman, Margaret:  Determinants of Price for a Thoroughbred Horse Sold at Auction

Hess, John:  An International Perspective of the U.S. Construction Industry: A Case Study Analysis of Market Strategies in the World’s Construction Industry

Hess, Matt:  CEO Compensation Strategy: Implications for Shareholder Value Maximization

Huang, Pu:  Protectionism, Free Trade, and Cooperation-Analysis on Conflict of China and United States Economic Policies and Trade Relationship

Humes, Autumn:  An Investigation of the Relationship Between Diversification and Performance: A Walt Disney Company Case Study

Hurtuk, Benjamin:  Greenwashing in Corporate America: A Case Study of the General Electric Company

Irby, Theresa:  Safety in the Cruise Line Industry:  What is the Optimal Amount of Precaution?

Jones, Lauren:  Upton Sinclair’s Relationship with the American Press: His Economic and Literary Motive for the Jungle

Juber, Patrick:  LEED-Certification, Occupant Satisfaction, and Worker Productivity in Financial Institutions

Kacerik, Nicole: Can Cluster Thory Explain the New Trajectory of the economy in Pittsburgh?

Kelly, Nicholas:  The Firm Level Impact of a Green Strategy: An empirical analysis of the impact of going green on financial and operating performance

King, Greg: The Effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on the U.S.-Mexican Service Economy

Klenotic, Matt:  The Credit Crisis of 2007: Asymmetric Information, Financial Derivative Products, and the Market for Lemons

Kurth, Jordan: The Impact of Energy Policy and Regulation on Auto Manufacturers: Europe vs. United States

Lambert, Lauren: The Value of Discussing the Construction of Societal Norms and Ideals in the Context of Corporate Social Responsibility

Lewis, Evan: Analysis of Johnson and Johnson’s Business Strategy

Lin, Youan:  R & D Performance in China-the Case of Shanghai

Majkowski, Brandon: NA

Marker, Kelly: Cluster Policy as a Catalyst for Urban Revitalization: A Case Study of Dublin, Ireland’ ICT Sector

McGill, Samuel: The Implications of an Environmentally Focused Strategy: The Case of General Electric

McLamb, Matt: Tool and Die Firms-Performance of Strategic Groups

Miller, Ashley: Spanish Banking Competition, Immigration, and the European Union

Nordin, Danielle: A Strategic Understanding of a Religious Organization’s Structure & Strategy: A Case Study of Vatican II

Reed, Amanda: An Economic Analysis of the Profitably of Reward Loyalty Programs within the Sporting Goods Industry

Rendulic, Alyssa: The Contemporary Knowledge Worker and the Management Strategies that Sustain Competitive Advantage

Rhodes, Dan: Through the Lock-in Glass: German Economic Convergence Path Dependence as Applied to Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the European Economic and Monetary Union

Riaz, Aarish: Investing in the Future: An Economic Analysis of a Potential Wind Turbine for Acutec Precision Machining, Inc.

Sharrow, Eric: (Daimler-Chrysler Merger: What Went Wrong)

Sinnott, Jessica: Operational Effectiveness in Public High Schools

Steltzer, Drew:  General Motors vs. Toyota: Case Study comparing a non-strategy for Alternative Energy versus a Toyota’s Alternative Energy Vehicle

Suchora, Steven: Application of SP and RP Methods of Modeling Consumer Choice for Market Research on the SAT Operating System TM as a Commercial Product

Suders, Michael: The Austrian Business Cycle Theory and the 2007/2009 Recession

Suen, Joel: The cause and Effects of Exclusive Contracts: A Case Study of Apple Computer and AT&T Wireless

Tudi, Dominic: Green Buildings in the Construction Industry: The Role of Environmental Labeling Systems

Versaw, Kimberly: An Economic Analysis of Overseas Expansion: The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Spain