Senior Projects 2011

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Allmaras, Jacob: The Marcellus Shale’s Profitability and Impact on Natural Gas Drilling Companies

Barclay, EricThe Determinants of Burglary

Barclay, Matt: Team Dominance in the Major League Baseball Free Agent Market

Blacka, Edward:  An Exploration of Strategy as it Applies to Nonprofit Organizations in the Healthcare Sector: A Case Study of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Brush, Matthew:  Standardization of Silicon and the Effects Upon Photovoltaic Cell Efficiency

Colkitt, Caitlin:  An Examination of the Relationship Between Increased Environmental Performance and Financial Gaingain

Cumings, William:  Retail Gasoline Prices in the United States: An Asymmetric Response?

Danoff, Jeffrey:  Natural Gas: An Industry Analysis

DeFeo, Sarah:  The Hidden Costs of a Low-Price Strategy and the Effects of Unethical Behavior on a Firm’s Success: A Case Study of Wal-Mart

Deivert, Matthew:  Recessionary Diffusion and Sectoral Employment Growth

Doherty, Colin:  The Ultimate User-Experience: How Apple Formulated a Unique Corporate Strategy That Took Them From the Brink of Collapse to The Top of The Software Industry.

Dulay, Marc:  Chinese Oil Consumption and Imports: Looking Into Their Relationships, Trends, and Implications

Eisner, Seth:  Determinants of Mortgage Debt: Real Mortgage Debt Growth in America

Fetterolf, Ryan:  Investment in Gold: Safe Haven or Hedge?

Fleming, Grant:  Different Strategies of Competition: Financial Institutions

Goguelet, Bernard:  Scarcity Rent in Resource Economics: An Explanatory Survey of Literature

Golembiewski, Laura: The Determinants of the Labor Force Participation Rate: Men versus Women

Gottlieb, Andrew:  Applying Managerial Concepts to the Pittsburgh Pirates Strategy since 1992

Green, Catherine:  The Apparel Industry: An Analysis of Clothing Consumption Growth from 1960-2008

Hartford, Terrence:  Determining National Football League Success: An Exploration of the Importance of Organizational Structure on the Success of NFL Teams.

Hartnett, William:  The Effects of Recessions on Educational Spending

Hopkin, Joshua:  Optimal Resource Depletion and Renewable Energy Technologies in African Nations

Hritz, Kathryn:  The Effect of Corporate Coherence on Overall Economic Performance: Case of The Walt Disney Company

Ituze, Agrippine:  Determinants of Child Labor across Indian States

Jacobs, Benjamin:  Thorium Resources and Hotelling’s Rule

Johnson, Nicole:  Kenya’s Tea Exports and their Impact on Economic Growth

Keep, Britten: The Effect of Military Service on Earnings

Kotecki, Nathan:  Theories of Strategy and How it Helps Develop Competitive Advantage: A Case Study of Northwestern Mutual

Lacombe, Matthew:  Presidential Economic Policy: The Effects of Differing Institutional and Contextual Factors on the Economic Policy Formation and Implementation Processes of the President

Loyacona, Samantha:  The Implications of Strategy and Sustainability: A Case Study of General Motors

Luvara, Vincent:  The Determinants of the Information Industry Growth Rate in the United States

Mahaffey, Robert:  Economic Globalization’s Effect on Conflict

Majkowski, Brandon:  Entrepreneurial Theories Applied To A New Venture Creation

Mitchell, Jeramine:  We Make It Rain: Salary Discrimination in Major League Baseball and the Associated Wage Gap

Mohney, Britni:  The Significance of Ethical Policies in the NFL:A Study of NFL Teams and Their Impact on the Sports Industry over the Last Decade

Mudrick, Adam:  A Case Study Examining Harley-Davidson’s Current Strategic Decisions

Pappas, George: United States Industrial Sector Oil Consumption

Powell, Hallie: Nigerian Economic Development: A Case of Resource Curse?

Prehn, Maxwell: Fair or Foul: Salary Arbitration in Major League Baseball

Romutis, Matthew: Firm Strategy and How it Relates to Competitive Advantage: A Case Study on Harley-Davidson

Ross, Samuel: Dependency Without Contracts:The Battle over Rents between Firms and Unions

Saratowski, Matthew: Nike: Innovations in Technology: The Key to Success

Slosar, Ashley: Unemployment & Mental Health:An analysis of the relationship between job loss and psychological consequences as measured through psychotropic drug use

Stahl, Matthew:  The Effect of Mineral Right Inclusion in Agricultural Land Transactions Stamm, Craig: NA

Stancik, Katherine:  Best Buy’s Success and Circuit City’s Failure:A result of the level of ethical treatment each company displayed towards its stakeholders while making managerial decisions regarding strategy and “fit” management?

Stasa, Robert:  The Role of Legislation on The Prevention of Faulty Mortgages: Moral Hazard & Asymmetric Information in The Mortgage Market

Strawser, David:  Baseball Core Competencies: Player Retention and Stadium “Technology”

Subasic, Peter:  The Affects of Oil Volatility on the Stock Prices for Southwest Airlines and American Airlines

Susi, Michael:  Revenue Sharing Impact on the Competitive Balance of Major League Baseball

tenPas, Eric:The Effects of Marijuana on the Labor Market Outcomes

Terpin, Brian:  The Importance of Strategy and Management: A Case Study of Ford

Traynor, James:  An Investigation of the Relationship Between Social Media and Marketing Techniques in the 21st Century

Trembulak, Joel:  The Determinants of Labor Force Participation:Black vs. White

Wagg, Justin:  Fluctuations in the U.S. Emissions/GDP Ratio: Structural Shifts and Import Substitution

Wendaur, Taylor:  The Growth of Real Stock Prices:Profit Maximization and Investor Utility

Wilhelm, Daniel:  Beyond Petroleum? An Inside Look at BP Solar and the Rise of the Solar Industry

Wilson, Kyle:  Innovative Technology in the Auto Industry: A Comparison of United States and Japanese Firms

Zelanko, Caleb:  No Child Left Behind and Special Education:Effects on Pennsylvania Funding Allocations