Senior Projects 2012

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Alderson, Thomas
: Theme Parkonomics:  Making the right investment

Bacon, Edward: Inflationary Trends : Underlying Determinates Over the Business Cycle

Bagnato, Brittany: Competitive Strategies in the Bookstore Industry: An Empirical Study of Borders and Barnes & Noble

Bernhard, Ryan: “Don’t be Irrelevant” Google Inc.’s Pervasive Strategy to Success

Bolanos, Miguel: Financial Institutions and U.S. Economic Growth: Expansionary and Contractionary Effects

Casale, Carly: Going Green as a Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Hospitality Industry

Dejong, Andrew: Changes in the Distribution of Income Between High School and College Graduates: An Empirical Analysis

Devlin, Justin: A Theoretical Study on the Collectables Market

Dilley, Hallie: The Determinants of Employment Growth:  Differential Impacts for Men and Women

Donahoe, Matthew: Payroll Distribution: The Effect on Winning Percentage in the National Football League

Ehmann, Matthew: US Banking Regulation and Their Impact on Performance: A Case Study of M&T Bank

Feige, Jason: Future Trends in China’s Steel Industry

Flickinger, Michael: South Korean Chaebols: Factors Contributing to Dissolution

Fowler, Jordan: The Economic Impact of Professional Sports on Local Economies: The Case of Pittsburgh

Hall, Kenneth: Does Wall Street Regulate its Regulators?: A Notice and Comment Analysis of Interest Group Competition at the SEC

Haskell, Ethan: MLB Attendance: An Economic Study

Henrickson, Keegan: Determinants of Durable Manufacturing Employment Growth

Hilldorfer, Julie: The Role of Advertising in Corporate Performance; An Empirical Analysis

Hippert, Robert: Output Growth in the Insurance Industry:  An Empirical Analysis

Horst, Loren: Churnovers: Regulation, Realignment, and Competitive Balance in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision, 1978-2011

Huang, Mengyang: China’s Housing Market during Transition: a case study of Shenzhen

Isayev, Kamran: The Effect of FDI on Economic Growth in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Azerbaijan

Ismail, Naveed: The Collapse of the American Automobile Industry: Ford Motor Company’s Drive for Competitive Advantage in the Midst of the Financial Crisis of

Johnson, Daniel: The Next Generation of Recycling: Analysis of Single Stream Recycling

Louer, Terry: German Food Policy 1914 to 1918

Maiorana, Michel: Unemployment and the Unemployment Rate: A Study

Muscara, Cory: Cost Containment within the Health Care Industry: The Role of a Patient-Centered Model of Care

Myers, Matthew: Uncertainty in Hiring: The NFL Draft

Onozaki, Maiko: The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment

Pucalik, David: A Study of Academic Performance in Pennsylvania Public Schools: A Case for Mckeesport Area High School

Richards, Michael: Are Fireworks Regulated In The Public’s Interest?

Saylor, Rebekah: How Book Publishing Firms are Responding to Changes in the Market: An Empirical Analysis

Stoyer, Steve: Promoting Fuel Efficiency in the Auto-industry: Mandates or Incentives

Sunia, Aioletuna: The Effects of the Minimum Wage Increases in the New Jersey Fast-food Industry and American Samoa Tuna Canning Industry

Tamburlin, Brian: Real Output Growth of the Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Sector: Focusing on the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Vu, Thuc: The Determinants of Teacher Turnover

Wilkins, Travis: Viability of the Open Source Software Model: The Firm and Participant Motivations

Williams, Douglas: Why has union membership been on the decline?

Wittenberg, Jeremy:Determinants of the Variability of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 1954-2011

Zipf, Ryan: Medical Tourism and India’s Corporate Hospitals: A Case of Price Discrimination