Donor Stories

The Elliotts Find Satisfaction Helping Others Reach Their Goals

“Allegheny provided us with a unique exposure to the physical sciences, social sciences and humanities. All three are vital to our nation.”

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Gift Honors Family Responsibility to College and the Earth

“We give because of the many good things that happened to us as a result of the seeds that were sown at Allegheny.”

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“It Feels Like Home”

“Allegheny was Alyson’s lifeline, so starting this fund was a perfect way for us to ensure her memory would go on forever at the College.”

— Marilyn Lawendowski
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Generosity “domino effect”

“Giving back to Allegheny can bring great joy. Hearing from students and faculty about lives that your gift has helped change is not only inspiring, but it is a great reminder of how much Allegheny transformed us all.”

— Christine Scott Nelson ’73
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“Miracles Do Happen”

“Allegheny will always be a home to me. I cherish the memories I made, the relationships wrought and the knowledge I gained. I certainly would not be in the place I am today without my education from Allegheny.”

— Chelsea Rintelmann ’14
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