The Campus Center

The Campus Center is meant to be a gathering place where all segments of the campus community—students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests—meet. The Campus Center is a place where the accidental crossing of people’s paths creates opportunities for learning, sharing, growth and development.

Within the Campus Center resides a number of meeting rooms, an ATM machine, McKinley’s Food Court, Post Office, Bookstore, Game Room, Shafer Auditorium, the Cultural Center, the Grounds for Change coffeehouse, the Center for Intercultural Advancement and Student Success (CIASS) and the Office of Student Involvement.

To reserve Shafer Auditorium, the Campus Center Lobby or other meeting rooms, use the online scheduling software at

The Office of Student Involvement assists in the coordination of student social activities in the Campus Center as well as in residence halls and across campus. It also manages the Campus Center building. Members of student organizations are encouraged to visit the Student Involvement Resource Room on the third floor of the Campus Center. They will find resource material about how to build an effective student organization, as well as free supplies, including die-cuts, banner paper, markers and colored copy paper.