David V. Wise Sport & Fitness Center

Cardio, Weight Room, and Lobby Spaces

Cardio equipment at the Wise Center is currently located in the lobby area of the main entrance. This can make the facility appear cramped and also has the potential to discourage use of the equipment by some.

Given that the racquetball courts are infrequently used, infilling the two-story courts with an intermediate floor level would create a first-floor weight room and a second-floor cardio room. This would allow the cardio equipment to be moved out of the lobby space and would provide additional weight room space and access for non-varsity athletes and the general student body.

A vision of the reclaimed lobby space after the cardio equipment is removed may include a welcome center and/or Athletic Hall of Fame center. The lobby has great potential to be a branded focal point and destination during recruiting visits.

Photo Gallery

Lobby with Cardio Equipment – Before

Raquetball Court – Before