Career Education for Life

Your career journey after graduation is important to us. Alumni have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one phone or in-person career counseling appointment with a Career Education staff member. The following suggested tools and resources are designed with the intention of addressing the needs of alumni. The ultimate goal of our staff is to assist Allegheny graduates with attaining meaningful opportunities throughout their professional career.

To make an appointment, please call (814) 332-2381.

Gator Connect – The Online Alumni Networking Community

It is the place for alumni and student engagement. Whether you’re looking for a job, trying to connect with your first-year roommate, or you want to become involved at the College, think of Gator Connect as a launchpad to get you started.

Complete the Hire A Gator form to submit an opportunity to Gator Connect, the Job & Internship Database 

The Job & Internship Database in Gator Connect is the go-to place for Allegheny students and alumni to search for an opportunity. Career Education manages this database to connect students and alumni to job opportunities and job seekers. With your help, Allegheny can have the largest and most dynamic career network of any small liberal arts college in the country. If you have questions or concerns regarding job posts or opportunities, please call us at 814-332-2381.

To Access Gator Connect

Alumni (Class of 2015 and older): If you think you already have an account, use this link to access the login screen. Your username is your full email address on file with Allegheny College ( Click here if you have never logged in before or aren’t sure of your password.Type in your full email address as your username and you will receive a reset link at that email if you have an account. If you do not receive an email, click here to request an account.

Alumni (Class of 2016 and younger)- Your Gator Connect username is still your full Allegheny email address even as alumni. You should update your email address in Gator Connect so you can receive information from Allegheny, but your username will not change. Use this link to access the login screen. Click here if you have never logged in before or aren’t sure of your password. Type in your full Allegheny email as your username and you will receive a reset link sent to your updated, non-Allegheny email address. If you do not receive an email, click here to request an account.

Become a VISA (Volunteers in Support of Allegheny)

All Allegheny alumni are invited to become members of VISA, an organization vital to Allegheny’s continued tradition of excellence! VISA is a collaborative alumni volunteer program designed to harness enthusiasm about Allegheny in order to meet student and college goals.

Personal connections make a tremendous difference to current and prospective students. Allegheny’s alumni are the College’s greatest asset in these endeavors. Alumni are the tangible outcomes of an Allegheny education, your successes underscore the success of our programs and your collective voices have tremendous potential to help the College and our students succeed.

With your help, we will continue the tradition of reaching out to current and prospective students, enriching the quantity and quality of Allegheny’s network.

Alumni can learn more about and become part of VISA by logging into their account in Gator Connect. Within Gator Connect you can manage your volunteer interests on your Profile page under the Engagement Tab. You will also see a list of your current and past volunteer role. Keeping your interests up to date allows Alumni Affairs to match you with the type of volunteer experiences you find most meaningful.