On Campus Interviews

Interviewing on campus is a great way to meet with applicants during the school year. The Office of Career Education sponsors on campus interviews during fall and spring semester. During the fall semester on campus interviews begin in September and usually run until the end of November. For spring semester on campus interviews usually begin in January and end during the month of April. We are happy to assist you with the scheduling of both students and facilities to meet your recruiting needs.

Prescreen Candidates

Choose to pre-screen candidates prior to on campus interviews to organize your recruiting schedule to be an effective use of your time. In order to select the prescreen option; please specify the posting deadline within your communication with the Employer Relations team. After the posting deadline, the Career Education office will send you the candidates’ materials for you to review. You may then submit the names of the individuals you would like to interview and request that Career Education arrange your schedule.

Open Sign-Up

Students may sign up for an interview on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unlike pre-screening, resumes will be sent to you as the students register for an interview.