Self- Assessments

Assessments: A self-assessment is a method used to help clarify relationships between your personal values, personality type, and professional interests. Assessments are a wonderful way to measure guiding principles that help define priorities in your life and career. We strongly encourage you to take assessments throughout your lifetime since values and interests may change over time in response to influential personal events. Listed below are several resources to use if interested in taking a self-assessment.

Questions to Ask Yourself: When beginning to search for career opportunities, take a moment to answer a few of the questions below. Keep in mind there is no right or wrong answer because it is all about you!

    1. “What do I do well and enjoy?”
    2. “What’s important to me?” In other words, what are your values?
    3. “How important is work/life balance to me?”
    4. “What are my key accomplishments? What am I most proud of?”
    5. “What work environments do I prefer?”
    6. “Do I prefer to communicate in writing or verbally?”
    7. “How do I approach problems?” Think back to your past problem-solving tactics — what’s worked for you, and what hasn’t?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: A psychometric questionnaire designed to measure individuals’ personality types. The assessment helps you understand how personality preferences may influence your career choices, learning style, and workplace interactions. To schedule an appointment to take the questionnaire, call the Office of Career Education- 814.332.2381 and ask to schedule with Kristin Black or Jim Fitch.

Self-Directed Search: A career interest inventory that measures personal preferences that align with specific occupational fields or areas of study. To take the assessment, call the office of Career Education-814.332.2381 to schedule an appointment to take the inventory.

Life Values Inventory: An inventory developed to assist individuals with identifying personal values and characteristics. The assessment takes approximately five to ten minutes and offers a summary of results and strategies to use to further connect your values in relation to your personal life and professional career.