AM Express Mail Reservation FAQ

How do I use the AM Express Mail Reservation System?

Simply fill out the Express Mail Reservation System form or click the link in your mail notification. You will enter your information, pick a time slot, and then will be assigned a window for pick up. Simply arrive at your designated window at your selected time to pick up your mail and packages!

I received a notification from the company I ordered from that my item was delivered but my reservation was cancelled?

Your package will not be available for pick up until you receive a notification from the Gator Post Office. If you do not have anything available for pickup we will cancel your reservation via email. Notifications from Amazon and other companies using direct shipping notifications occur as soon as the local post office scans them to us which could be hours or even days before your package is even delivered to the college. We do not receive packages over the weekend or on Federal Holidays. For example, if your package arrives to the local post office on Friday afternoon, they will scan it as “Delivered” but we will not receive the package until Monday morning. From there, it takes time to check in everything as we receive a huge volume of packages every day. Once you receive a notice from us, place your reservation or visit us during our normal afternoon pickup hours.

Do I need to make more than one reservation if I have multiple items?

No; one reservation is all that is necessary to pick up any mail and packages that are available. You will be limited to one reservation per day.

Can I make a reservation for the same day?

Reservations close at 8:00am for the current business day. Further reservations will be made for the following business day as listed on the reservation form.

I received a package right before or after my scheduled pick up, can I add it on to my reservation?

Any mail or packages received by 8:00am on your scheduled pick up day will be what you pick up. Any mail or packages checked in after 8:00am will not be included. Simply make another reservation for the following business day or visit us during our regular afternoon hours.

There are time slots missing / gaps between time slots.

Time slots are limited for the safety of all faculty and students. After a time slot reaches capacity that specific time slot will no longer be available for the current pickup date. Time slots are reset every morning – either select another time slot or visit us during our regular afternoon hours.

I’m missing a package, help!

You will need to fill out our missing package form with your name, box number, and tracking number. We will review the information and get back to you within 1 business day.