• Ratio of majors to full-time department faculty: 4:1
  • Average class size, introductory: 60
  • Average class size, advanced: 15

Full-Time Faculty

Mark Ams B.A., Albion College; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Matthew Betush B.S., Allegheny College, M.S. & Ph.D., University of Rochester

Timothy Chapp B.S., St. Lawrence University; Ph.D., Dartmouth College

Alice Deckert B.S. (chemistry), B.A. (mathematics), Bethel College; Ph.D., Stanford University

Ivelitza Garcia B.S., Florida International University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Elizabeth Guldan B.S., University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Shaun Murphree B.A., Colgate University; Ph.D., Emory University

Phillip Persichini, III (Chair) B.S., University of Pittsburgh at Bradford; M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Ph.D., University of Wyoming

Martin Serra B.A., Tarkio College; Ph.D., Ohio University

Ann Sheffield B.A., Johns Hopkins, University; Ph.D., University of Maryland

David Statman B.A., Lafayette College; Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook

Ryan Van Horn B.S., Lafayette College; Ph.D., University of Akron

Selected Faculty Publications and Achievements

  • Dr. Persichini recently authored “Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation via Boron Mediated Transfer” in Current Organic Chemistry and has been named as a co-organizer of an international conference titled “Latest Trends in Organic Synthesis.”
  • Dr. Murphree co-authored a book entitled Practical Microwave Synthesis for Organic Chemists.
  • Dr. Persichini co-authored “Phospholipid Tubules II” in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, and he has given four invited talks in the last several years.
  • Dr. Deckert co-authored, with students Kelley A. Anderson, Kate M. Mullaugh and Christine Delaney, “A Comprehensive Study of the Formation and Reaction of a Tethered N-hydroxysulfosuccinimidyl Ester Utilized To Covalently Tether Proteins to Surfaces,” in J. Phys. Chem. B. 108 (2004) 15808-15814.
  • Dr. Serra was recently a Fogarty Senior International Fellow at CNRS in Strasbourg, France, and his group published “Effects of Magnesium Ions on the Stabilization of RNA Oligomers of Defined Structures” in RNA.
  • Dr. Sheffield co-authored, with student Margaret Doyle, “Uptake of Copper (II) by Wool,” Textile Research Journal 76 (2005) 203.
  • Dr. Statman was recently a Fulbright Scholar researching nonlinear optics in Budapest.