John Milligan

“My professor taught me invaluable lab skills and really helped me to see my full potential.”

— John Milligan

John Milligan had always been interested in chemistry, but even he was surprised at how quickly Allegheny allowed him to immerse himself in the scientific world. “Between freshman year and sophomore year I stayed on campus over the summer to do organic research on synthetic methodology with Dr. Shaun Murphree,” explains John. “It was intimidating at first because I was just coming out of my first year of college, but Shaun taught me invaluable lab skills and really helped me to see my full potential.”

Since then, John has focused his studies on organic synthesis and methodology and has participated in various other prestigious research efforts, including two American Chemical Society national meetings in Washington D.C. and Anaheim, California.

In addition to being a chemistry major, John is also a communication arts minor with a focus in rhetorical criticism. He found the field intriguing and felt that it was important for him to learn how to communicate effectively. Excelling in both of his areas of study, John is an Alden Scholar, the president of the Chemii chemistry club, and a member of Allegheny’s honor committee.

John is just as involved and dedicated on campus as he is in the classroom. He is a leader in the Allegheny Christian Outreach organization, a member of the yearly Jamaica mission trip team and the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, and the Internal Vice President of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. “It has been an interesting path to college,” John remarks, “and I was fortunate enough to find an opportunity that allowed me to come to Allegheny.”