Student Stories

Will Eckenhoff

Will Eckenhoff is serious about research. While working in a lab one summer, this chemistry major had the opportunity to synthesize a new research drug almost entirely on his own. For his Senior Project, he plans to synthesize various components of natural dyes to determine why they bind to wool. He hopes to complete a Ph.D. in chemistry someday so that he can teach at the college level.

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John Milligan

John Milligan had always been interested in chemistry, but even he was surprised at how quickly Allegheny allowed him to immerse himself in the scientific world. “Between freshman year and sophomore year I stayed on campus over the summer to do organic research on synthetic methodology with Dr. Shaun Murphree,” explains John. “It was intimidating at first because I was just coming out of my first year of college, but Shaun taught me invaluable lab skills and really helped me to see my full potential.”

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