Chinese Studies

Chinese Studies: The Minor

Chinese Studies is an interdisciplinary minor focusing on the language, culture, politics and history of China. The minor includes coursework in Chinese language, Religious Studies, History and Political Science. Through this minor, students will acquire an understanding of Chinese culture, history, economic development, and contemporary politics. A minimum of 24 credits, or six classes, are required for the minor.

When appropriate, other courses- for example Special Topics or FS 201 courses in relevant subjects- may be substituted for approved electives to bring the total credits to at least 24. All substitutions of alternatives for approved courses must be approved by the minor coordinator, and students must discuss any potential course substitutions prior to enrolling into the course.

With the approval of the coordinator, appropriate EL Seminars to China may be substituted. Students who study abroad should take a minimum of 12 credits at Allegheny and consult with the coordinator about the course selection in the foreign institution of higher education.

Because this program is interdivisional, students who minor in Chinese Studies may complete any major to satisfy the college requirement that the major and minor be in different divisions. Students should be aware, however, that they must complete eight credits in each division of the College to satisfy the College distribution requirement.