Connect to the Classroom

Connecting Academic Studies to Civic Engagement

There are many ways students connect academic studies to civic engagement. Here are a few:

Service-Learning courses

Courses with a civic engagement component embedded in them are designated by an “E” for engagement in the course section field on Web Advisor. Find out about the criteria for these courses

Allegheny College Civic Learning course requirement

These courses are tagged on Web advisor with a “CL” designation. Civic Learning develops the political, ethical, and social capacities citizens need to address the challenges facing local, regional, national, and international communities through community engagement and/or through the cultivation of civic knowledge, skills, motivations, and behaviors.

Community and Justice Studies major and minor

Allegheny is one of just a few colleges that offer an interdisciplinary academic program focusing on social justice. Find out more about Community and Justice Studies

The Allegheny Community Engagement Student Fellows (ACES fellows)

These are students trained in academic service-learning and engagement practices. They assist faculty members in developing engagement courses. To get in contact with the current student fellows or to find out more about this group speak to professors Eleanor Weisman or David Roncolato.

Community Engagement senior comp projects

Each year a significant number of seniors choose to focus their senior comp projects on a community generated research question. It is recommended that students interested in community.