August 4, 1864

                                                                                                                   Chattanooga,                                  Tenn.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           August 4, 1864 

Dear Father,

                I write you a few lines tonight, although I have not heard from home since I have been here. I am still enjoying good health and feel first-rate. The weather is quite warm but I have a good place to stay, at least as cool as can be found here. Everything  is moving off right and to my satisfaction.
                I am the Chief Clerk in this office and have the oversight of all the business. It is rather an onerous position but I do not intend to hurt myself working. If I do not like to stay I am not bound by any contract or agreement. I am at liberty to pack up and leave whenever I want to.
                I saw Jno. Lusher, Henry Smith, David Lytle, a son of Dr. Meeker and a young  Biery of Richland this afternoon. They are all well and will be home in a month or two. Jno Cox is in the 108th Ohio which is encamped near here. He has been in the Service about six months—I saw him yesterday.
                Atlanta is not taken yet but officers who have been there within the past day or two say that it can be taken whenever Sherman wishes. It is thought he wants to capture a large portion of the rebel force. You may expect to hear of its fall within the next fortnight.
                I think of nothing that would interest you. I shall look for a letter—weekly—from home. Direct to Box 23 Chattanooga and I will be sure to get it.
                                                                I am, yours affectionately

                                                                                                J. D. Chadwick

How is “Billy” prospering? I wish I had brought my flute.

                                                                                                J. D. C.

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