Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t Commencement be scheduled for an earlier date?

The logistical realities associated with graduation are significant. If we had tangible signs that the pandemic was abating, it might have been possible to defer the decision and to hold the ceremony sooner. But, unfortunately, the current evolution of the virus gives little reason to believe that we could responsibly and safely bring thousands of people from across the country and world to campus sooner.

My address has changed — who do I contact so my diploma is mailed to the correct address?

There is a form that you can complete to notify the Office of the Registrar of the address to where you would like your diploma mailed. The deadline to submit this form was Friday, May 1, 2020.

What days are Senior Week activities?

We are currently in the process of determining the best way to celebrate the Class of 2020.  There will be a mini comp burning ceremony on November 22, 2020.

I’m beginning graduate school or a new job. Will there be other options for me to participate in a Commencement ceremony?

Under usual circumstances, students eligible to walk in May 2020 would not be eligible to walk in May 2021. However, students may petition the Academic Standards Committee if they wish to participate in May 2021.

Will the College provide housing for students returning to participate in Commencement?

Unfortunately, the College does not have the capacity to house returning graduates on campus during the academic year. The college will provide one hotel room per graduate living outside of a 50-mile radius from Meadville. A check will be issued to you when you pick up your cap & gown.  You are responsible for reserving your hotel room.

We understand the Meadville area has limited hotel accommodations and suggest your guests look to surrounding areas such as Grove City, Edinboro, and Erie, as well as Airbnb.

How do I get my cap and gown?

All participants in Commencement (and Baccalaureate) must appear in cap and gown. Caps and gowns will be available in the Campus Center outside of the bookstore. The cap/gown set includes a black gown, black mortarboard, and black tassel with a gold 2020 medallion. PLEASE NOTE: There is no need to be measured for your cap and gown. The caps are one size fits all, and the gowns are bulk ordered by height.

Students who want their cap and gown mailed to them must call the Bookstore at 814-332-5369.

How do we register for the November ceremony?

An email will be sent to you from the Office of the Registrar asking if you will be participating in the ceremony. If you do not respond to this email, there will be no seat or tickets held for you.

Will there be transportation to/from the hotels?

The Crawford Area Transit Authority (CATA) loop will run during the weekend. Other shuttle services are being considered.

Will the ceremony be live-streamed?

Yes — information for the live stream will be on the Commencement website the day of Commencement.

How do I get my tickets?

Tickets will be handed out at the Campus Center box office located in the lobby.  Your guests may pick them up one hour prior to the ceremony for which you are participating.  A form of ID is required.  All graduates will receive two tickets.  No exceptions.

Hometown Releases

Note to Parents: If you would like to send out a “hometown release”—a news release that is sent to your local newspaper to announce your student’s graduation—please contact the Office of College Relations at 814-332-2746 or They can provide you with a template for a news release that you can then customize for your local newspaper.

If you have any questions about Commencement events, please contact the Office of Conference & Event Services at 814-332-3101. We look forward to celebrating this memorable occasion with you. Congratulations!