Middle States Steering Committee

Minutes and Documents

Committee Description

This ad hoc committee meets during preparation of Middle States accreditation reports.  Allegheny’s Middle States Accreditation is directed by a steering committee comprised of the Steering Committee Chair and the chairs or co-chairs of the three Working Groups.  The Steering Committee is responsible for developing the charges of the Working Groups in coordination with the College’s Administrative Executive Committee and Faculty Council, developing the document road map for the document review to be conducted in advance of the team visit, and drafting the Self-Study Report.


Current Members

  • Rick Holmgren (chair), Chief Information Officer and Associate Dean of the College
  • Shaun Murphree (chair of the Departmental Self-Study Working Group), Associate Professor of Chemistry , Chair of the Chemistry Department, and (as of 1/1/13) Director of Assessment
  • Laura Reeck (co-chair of the Alignment Working Group), Associate Professor of Modern and Classical Languages
  • Dave Roncolato (co-chair of the Alignment Working Group), Director of Community Service
  • Dan Willey (co-chair of the Retention Working Group), Professor of Physics

updated 09/24/2011