New Courses

COMJ 190: Social Justice in Black America
An analysis of the relationship between social justice and black American identities. Over the past 20 years, social justice movements have become commonplace in mainstream America. Various forms of activism are seen in every facet of American life through television, film, journalism, and even social media. Class participants critique scholarship across disciplines and question the role of social justice in 21st century America. Throughout the semester, students investigate the role of hash tag activism in social media, examine activism in popular culture, and ask what can be learned from public reactions to major social movements.

COMJ 290: Multicultural Education
A study of introductory theories, themes, and guiding concepts that frame scholarship in Multicultural Education. Seminar discussions focus on critical race theory, global diversity, privilege, socioeconomic status, and hip-hop pedagogy. In addition to the course materials, students participate in a community engagement component where they question whether theories of multiculturalism are present in actual classrooms and share their expert knowledge with community partners in Crawford County. This course is useful for Allegheny undergrads who are interested in M.A.T. graduate programs, students interested in social justice issues in K-12 education, and those considering a career in teaching.