Civic Engagement offers the following services to help make service accessible, safe, and educational. Please contact our office if we can be of further assistance.

Individual Meetings – our staff members are available to meet with any student interested in getting involved in community service. We can talk about options, suggest agencies and programs related to a particular major or topic, and discuss leadership programs and opportunities. To make an appointment with a community service staff member, contact Jennifer Kessner at

Civic Engagement Vans – There are four 7-passenger mini-vans available for any student doing service in Crawford County. These vans are used for this purpose and for Civic Engagement-sponsored programs. Users must read our Van Policy and sign our Van Agreement, bring in a copy of their license and list all past traffic violations.   Please email Jennifer Kessner at with any questions.

Project and Conference Funds – Civic Engagement supports new student service ideas and initiatives. If a student has an idea for a service project, we may be able to provide financial support as well as collaborative support. We also encourage students to attend regional and national service and social justice conferences. Funding is available for these conferences, in part through the Alyson Lawendowski Endowment.

Reflection Activities – Reflection is an important part of any service project or event. Talking about the project, what students liked/what they didn’t, and how it relates to their lives are ways that students learn and make meaning of their experiences. Staff members are available to talk about reflection and to brainstorm strategies.