Heather Curtis

Title: Assistant Technical Director
Degree: BA, Penn State University

Email: hcurtis@allegheny.edu
Phone: 814-332-2358
Office Location:

Equipment HoursMon. thru Fri. 12:00 – 6:00pm or by appointment

Heather Curtis, Assistant Technical Director, has a dual BA in Integrative Arts: Film/Photography & Telecommunications from Penn State University. She splits her time between the Playshop Theatre and Video Production.

As the Master Electrician, Heather supervises the implementation of various lighting, sound and projection designs, with the support of her work study Students. When not acting as an ME, Heather oversees the care and maintenance of the production wing film equipment, non-linear Mac editing labs, and studio space. While instructing film TA’s how to assist students in the editing labs during various times of the semester. Current and Potential film students can seek technical assistance with regards to non-linear editing and proper equipment usage.

During her free time, Heather is a freelance producer, cinematographer, and editor.