Our alumni have achieved success in a variety of careers. A small sampling:

Lori Pollock Schmittle ’81, computer science professor, University of Delaware

Cynthia Ann Leighton¬†’82, President and CEO, Software Enterprise Limited, Oregon

Amy Edelman Carrick ’83, staff manager – operations, Bell Atlantic Mobile, Southeast Region

Thomas Dowler ’85, senior associate, Davison & Associates, Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Kevin S. Treu ’85, associate professor of computer science, Furman University

James P. Zurovchak ’86, commodities trader, Kidder Peabody and Company, Inc.

Jeff Payne ’87, founder, president and CEO, Cigital, Dulles, Virginia

Scott Lewis Young ’89, senior manager, Whittman-Hart, North Olmstead, Ohio

Rebecca Powell ’90, senior software engineer, Xerox Corporation

Julie Bradley ’90, owner, Make Your Mark – Art Studios and New Commerce Links, Columbus, Ohio

Joseph Marinello ’91, programmer/analyst, Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Anna Zacherl Griffith ’91, project manager, Human Interface & Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Richard Hughes ’92, computer scientist, Department of Defense

Thomas Fealy ’92, applications system section, Unisys Corporation

Marc Gisewhite ’92, computer consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York City

Tiang Khoo ’94, Web Objects developer, Apple Computer Corporation

Patrick Baird ’97, network administrator/software developer, MVest Technology Solutions

Maria Fire ’97, systems engineer, Lucent Technologies

Nakul Lele ’97, computer consultant, Aspect Telecommunications

Stacey Maloney Parks ’97, data analyst, Lippincott-Raven Publishers

Matthew Ahl ’98, software engineer, Contractor/Management Science Association

Ricardo Cortes ’98, Director of Engineering, Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA

Scott Morgan ’98, Vice President, Sustaining Engineering and Quality Assurance, CA Inc., Islandia, New York

Jennifer Haddox ’00, technical leader, software developer, Cigital, Dulles, Virginia

Gerald Hungerman ’00, analyst, High Performance Technologies

Kimberly Madia ’01, IBM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Matthew Pegula ’01, Handspring, Inc., Mountain View, California