Applied Computing Major: Software Development Track

Students seeking to major in Applied Computing must select either the Software Development track or the Management and Entrepreneurship track.

The Software Development Track

The major in the Software Development track of the Applied Computing major requires successful completion of at least 44 semester hours in computer science, four semester hours in economics, and 12 semester hours in mathematics. To graduate with a major in Applied Computing: Software Development Track, a student must have an earned GPA of at least 2.0 in required Computer Science and other courses presented for the major. With the exception of CMPSC 111, no course presented for the major may be taken on the Credit/No Credit grade basis.



If, after completion of CMPSC 500, the student is unable to obtain an internship meeting the department's guidelines, the department may allow a substitute requirement. In any case, the student must complete CMPSC 500 and CMPSC 501.

Mathematics Requirement (Two Courses):

Students in the Software Development track must complete a two-course mathematics unit consisting of:

MATH 170 - Calculus II

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