Master Calendar Tips


Multiple Calendars

Capture calendars Select “All Events” to view everything.

Deselect “All Events” and select a specific calendar that you are interested in.

Select multiple calendars.


Filter by Event Type, Department and Location

Capture filters Select one or multiple Event Types, Locations, and/or Departments.

Add An Event to Your Google Calendar

1. Select Event

Select Event

2.  Select “More”

Select _More_(1)


3.  Select “Add”

Select _Add_

4.  Select “Google Calendar”

Select _Google Calendar_

Your Google Calendar will open, Save to your calendar

Add a Master Calendar to Your Google Calendar

1. Select “Notifications/ical Feeds”

Capture ical

2. Highlight your desired calendar
3. Select the right arrow “>”Highlight your desired calendar
4.  Select iCal Feed
5.  Copy the Http iCal linkCapture feed
6.  Open your Google Calendar
7.  Select “Other Calendars”, “Add by URL”
8.  Paste in URL window
9.  Select “Add Calendar”Capture URL http