Referring a Student to Counseling

Students may seek support for mental health concerns from a variety of different people including faculty, friends, family, and coaches. If you are concerned about a student’s mental health, please consider referring them to the Counseling and Personal Development Center. For immediate concerns, please urge the student to contact the 24/7 Line themselves at (814) 332-2105 for immediate contact with a counselor. There is always support for students; please know your role and know when to refer.

Tips on How to Refer a Student

    • Speak with the student and address the concern(s)
    • Be present, be calm, be curious, be empathetic, and be mindful of boundaries
    • Suggest the Counseling & Personal Development Center as a resource (see below for connecting to resources)
    • Check back in with the student

How to Make a Referral

    • Encourage the student to call (814) 332-4368, email
    • If the student is hesitant or anxious to make the request on their own, you can offer to connect via email. Note: Please keep in mind student privacy.
    • If it is an immediate concern, please call the 24/7 Line at (814) 332-2105 or Public Safety at (814) 332-3357.
    • We ask that faculty/staff/administrators do not walk students to the CPDC to help protect the privacy of other students.
    • If you have any questions or concerns about a referral and/or our referral process, please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone.


    • Gold Folder: The Gold Folder is a quick, hands-on guide to helping students navigate distress while in your classrooms/offices. If you would like a Gold Folder, or would like to have a representative of the CPDC speak with you or your department about the Gold Folder, please email