Resources for Families

College can be a stressful time, not just for students, but for their families as well. We encourage families to help support their student’s mental health, and have provided some resources below specifically for families of our Gator students.

If you are concerned about your student and would like to get them connected to the CPDC, visit How to Refer to the CPDC to learn more about our referral process.

As licensed counselors, we are bound by codes of ethics and state/federal law with regards to confidentiality. We understand that families may be concerned about their studentand want to know what information is being discussed in counseling. Due to limits of confidentiality, we are unable to share any information with families without written permission from the student via our Request for Information form, signed in-person at our office. We want to assure families that if there is an imminent concern, we abide by our ethical responsibilities, and follow our protocols to help students maintain safety.

If families would like their student to connect with counseling outside Allegheny, the CPDC can help connect students to off-campus services. We have also compiled a list of Community Resources should a student like to set up services themselves.

Any questions or concerns from family or friends are encouraged to reach out to the CPDC by email or by calling our office at (814) 332-4368.