Welcome Back!

Dear Allegheny College Community,

Welcome back! With the fall semester about to start, I am writing to share our 2022–2023 COVID-19 pandemic plans. While case numbers are fluctuating around the country, our community of mutual care gives me reason for optimism as the semester begins. You can view our 2022–2023 COVID-19 Pandemic Plan here. In addition, we are monitoring the spread of the monkeypox virus and have a Monkeypox Plan, which you can read here. It is our goal that all members of our community feel safe and welcome on campus.

COVID-19 testing: all community members will test before returning to campus for the Fall 2022 Semester. COVID-19 testing for move-in will occur at the Wise Center; dates and hours can be found here. Starting on Tuesday, August 30, daily COVID-19 testing will take place at the Winslow Health Center, which is located in Schultz Hall. Those community members who have not provided proof of COVID-19 vaccination are required to test weekly, free of charge. Those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 are required to test only at move-in. Community members may elect to test during regular hours throughout the semester by making an appointment here.

Those who wish to mask on our campus are welcome to do so. If you feel ill or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, it is a good idea to wear a mask. Masks are not required for anyone on our campus.

Monkeypox virus is part of the same family of viruses that causes smallpox. Monkeypox symptoms are similar to smallpox symptoms, but milder, and monkeypox is rarely fatal. While there have been many cases of the infection spreading through sexual contact, it is important to know the virus can be spread in other ways. Please see this link for more information: CDC Monkeypox Information. We will continue to monitor spread of the monkeypox virus and will adjust the College’s response accordingly.

In closing, I realize it is difficult to anticipate how COVID-19 and monkeypox will impact our community in the future, and therefore it is important we all remain flexible as we navigate the fall semester. As we have learned, it is important we remain vigilant as we learn to live with the changing course of these viruses, and we also look forward to offering in-person activities, classes, and ways for students, staff, and faculty to engage. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Gator Strong.

Dr. Morrow