Soapbox Alliance

Through collective action we in higher education can take a leadership role in working to create the kind of political dialogue that best serves the interests of our citizens—including college students, who are often so disenchanted by the political process that they choose to opt out of it—and our democracy. Please consider adopting a policy to ensure that campaign events on your campus are open.

While it may take some time to formally adopt such a policy at your institution, we invite you to take the first step today, by joining the Soapbox Alliance, a group of institutions who pledge to work toward the goal of having an open-event policy enacted by September 1, 2008.

If you already have such a policy, we hope you’ll share your story and stand with us to encourage others who are just now beginning to wrestle with these issues.

Your institution’s name will be added to the Soapbox Alliance membership list. In addition, you’ll receive a membership certificate and updates about the impact the Alliance is having.