Register to Vote

If you would like to vote in Meadville, you must register to vote in Crawford County, Pennsylvania.

  • Print the Pennsylvania voter registration form (Students may also use this form if they wish to register in any Pennsylvania county; just follow the instructions provided on the form).
  • Bring to the Center for Political Participation at The Gateway, Pelletier Library, Room 252 Allegheny College

or mail to: Crawford County Voter Services
903 Diamond Park
Meadville, PA 16335

Tips for Allegheny students when filling out the voter registration form:

  • Line 3 -Your name must be exactly as it appears on your PA driver’s license or on your   Social Security card.
  • Line 4a – Write the street address of your dorm building. A list of addresses is found below.
  • Line 4b – Provide your telephone number even though it is listed as optional.
  • Line 4c – Write: Meadville
  • County where you live line – Write: Crawford
  • Zip Code Line – Write: 16335
  • Line 5 – Write: Allegheny College 520 N. Main Street Box (your box#)
  • Line 8a and 8b – Only fill out if this is a change to a previous voter registration.
  • Line 9 -In order to vote in the primary elections, you must be registered as a Democrat or Republican. Registering as a member of a particular party will not affect you in any way besides allowing you to vote in the primaries.
  • Driver’s license or Social Security number Line – The driver’s license must be a PA driver’s license. Otherwise, use the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  • Sign your voter registration form before mailing.
  • Students living in off-campus housing: If you receive mail at your house, write your street address in line 4. If you do not receive mail at your house, write your street address in line 4, but also write Allegheny College 520 N. Main St. with your box number.
  • You need to change your voter registration each time you move to a new dorm.

A confirmation should be sent to your mailing address within 14 days of submitting the application. You may also confirm your registration by calling the Crawford County Voter Services at 814-332-7307.

Residence Hall Street Addresses:

Residence Street Address (Meadville, PA 16335)
Allegheny Commons 500s – ### Limber Street300s – ### Jefferson Street
Allegheny Hall 404 Allegheny Street
Baldwin 474 North Main Street
Brooks 517 Park Avenue
Caflisch 469 North Main Street
College Court 510 Highland Avenue
Crawford 461 Highland Avenue
Delta Tau Delta (South Highland Hall) 607 Highland Avenue
Edwards 535 Highland Avenue
Huling’s Hall (Brooks) 517 Park Avenue
North Village I Building A – 436 Highland AvenueBuilding B – 426 Highland AvenueBuilding C – 416 Highland Avenue
North Village II 421 North Main Street
Phi Kappa Psi 430 East College Street
Ravine 547 East College Street
Schultz 549 Park Avenue
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 585 North Main Street
Theta Chi 388 North Main Street
Walker 517 Park Avenue
Walker Annex 517 Park Avenue
Special Interest Housing and College-Owned Houses Write your street address.