Who’s on the Ballot?

Your vote will affect all levels of government, all the way from President of the United States to Mayor of Meadville. Below is a list of offices that may appear on your ballot. Please come to the polls prepared to vote for all offices running during that year. If you do not wish to vote for a specific office, feel free to leave it blank and move to the next set of candidates.

Offices Up for Election in Pennsylvania’s April 26, 2016 Primary:

All races are city and county.

In Crawford County:

Representative of Congress (3rd District)


City of Meadville:

Representative in the General Assembly (6th District) – for City of Meadville


*Retention elections are non-partisan, uncontested yes-no votes. Following completion of an initial term, a judge can stand for successive ten-year terms in retention elections until he or she reaches age 70, the mandatory retirement age.  

Other items that may appear on your ballot:


A referendum is a policy issue place on the ballot for voters to decide whether to pass or veto the legislation. The state, county, and local government can place referendums on the ballot.

         No referendum on the ballot at this time.

A special election is held when someone who is already in office can no longer serve and must be replaced. All registered voters in the district can vote in a special election.

No special election on the ballot at this time.