Alumni Creekers

Neal Alexandrowicz ’99

…He previously worked in Farmington, New Mexico as a petroleum geologist for CDX Gas. He spent a year and a half at the University of Montana after leaving Allegheny and has decided it was time to move back West. He is now a Geology Professor at Collin College – Preston Ridge in Frisco, Texas.

Sahar Arbab ’13

…is Program Coordinator at Washington Green Schools.

Ian Armstrong ’12

…is a water sciences system technician at Walt Disney World.

Elliott Bartels ’15

…is a landscape architect in Arizona.

Erika Bilger ’99

…was married in 2001 to Andrew Kratzer and earned a masters in Entomology at the University of Georgia in 2002, looking at Macroinvertebrate communities in the Okefenokee Swamp. She is currently working at the Stroud Water Research Center as an Aquatic Entomology Technician.

Perry Bruno ’09

…is an Account Executive at Hologic, Inc.

David Cass ’07

… is the agency forester for Washington State Parks. He works across the state taking care of trees and forestland in 129 parks.  He lives in Tacoma, Washington with his wife, Lindsay Herendeen (2007) and son.

Nicole Clarke ’01

…is currently living and working in the Washington, DC area. She works at SRA International as an environmental consultant and analyst assisting the EPA Brownfields Program with data analysis and communications materials.

April Claus ’95

…is the Director of Parks, Conservation and Education for Sewickley Heights Borough.  She is also sole proprietor of Interactive Environmental Programs, which as born in 2000 as a way to introduce Pennsylvanians to their native reptile and amphibian species.  Using live specimens, models, sights and sounds, these engaging “hands-on” environmental programs are presented to thousands of local citizens from area schools, colleges, parks, nature camps, summer camps and teacher workshops every year.  She even presents this program at Creek Camp every year!

Chad Cochrane ’03

…married fellow alumna Leah Cole ’03 in 2003 and is a soil conservation technician for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Concord, New Hampshire. Leah and Chad had their first child in June 2004.

Dan Conant ’07

…is the founder and CEO of Solar Holler, a non-profit solar developer and advocacy group in his home state of West Virginia.  Dan married his college sweetheart Laura (Nagel) Conant ’07, and in 2013 they welcomed a daughter to the family.

Patrick Coyne ’97

…is Vice President of Marketing, Consulting, & Engineering Sales for Environmental Data Resources, Inc. He has also worked for Waste Management, Inc. in New Hampshire.

Sarah (Culver) Roode ’09

…is a scientist at Zoetis, a veterinary pharmaceutical company, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Dhira (Dale) Brown ’04

…lives and works Washington state. She worked as a restoration ecologist for 9 years who ran a very successful long-term habitat stewardship program for two environmental non-profits. She is now a facilitator and life coach. 

Tim Day ’03

Sarah (Dippold) Lindgren ’09

…is park manager at Kettle Creek and Ole Bull State Parks.

Katie Dye ’00

John Domsic ’05

…received his post-doc at the Wistar Institute. He is now a Large Molecule Analytical Development Scientist at Janssen Pharmaceutical. 

Cameron Eddy ’12

… is an Invasive Mammal Specialist at Backcountry, New Zealand.

Charles Eldermire ’98

…earned his Master’s Degree in Biology from the University of Montana in 2001. He has worked in a number of itinerant field biologist positions including the USGS in Alaska and the Yukon Delta. He spent 6 months in Costa Rica teaching sea turtle conservation to high school students. He is now the Multimedia Project Leader at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Sarah Falkowski ’03

…worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection at Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Naples, Florida. She is currently an Education Manager at an Environmental Learning Center.

Tara Fortier ’08

…is a research analyst in the water resources and drinking water quality division of the Cadmus Group, Inc., an environmental consulting firm on the outskirts of Boston which is primarily contracted by the EPA’s Office of Water. Her office is located on Water St, in Watertown, a fact that often makes her chuckle.

Lisa Flinn ’03

…received her Masters of Divinity at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, PA.

Ryan Furtwangler ’00

…is an Investment Representative for Edward Jones in Erie, PA.

Mark Galatowitsch ’04

…spent the summer after graduation in Colorado working for Allegheny Professor Scott Wissinger before going abroad with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua in late summer of 2004. He is pursued a graduate degree at University of Canterbury in Christchurch, NZ. He is now an Assistant Professor of Biology at Centre College.

Kristy Garcia ’15

…As of March, 2018 she was a customer service representative for a wildlife removal company. She volunteers for her local Audubon Society.

Derek Giebell ’03

…Earned a masters degree and teaching certificate at Edinboro University.

Brandon Goeller ’10

…is a Riparian and Wetland Scientist at NIWA in Waikato, New Zealand.

David Hall ’04

…is working with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in Meadville, PA.

Cassandra (Hamilton) Sprenkle ’07

…is a 7th grade life science teacher.

Lindsay (Herendeen) Cass ’07

…is the health educator in environmental health at the State of Washington Department of Health. She does outreach to communities dealing with contaminants in their environment.  She also leads communication around fish consumption advisories for the state. She lives in Tacoma, Washington with her husband, David Cass (2007) and son.

Ben Holcomb ’99

…obtained a Master’s degree in Fisheries Sciences from South Dakota State University while studying trophic dynamics of Black Hills watersheds.  He and his wife, Fabiola, are living in Salt Lake City where he works as the biological assessment program coordinator for the Utah Division of Water Quality.  In December, 2013 they welcomed their first son.

Katie Howlett ’03

…is working for the State of Ohio Department of Mental Health. She’ll be going back to school with plans of earning a master’s degree.

Matthew Hutchinson ’19

Katie Katilius ’15

…She currently works as a Medical Device Sales Representative at Precision Medical, Inc.

Carrie Kean ’08

…is an associate veterinarian at Kinzua Veterinary Clinic.

Mark Kirk ’11

…completed his masters degree from University of Idaho in fisheries science studying diadromous fish ecology. He is now a PhD student at the University of Wyoming.

Matthew Knittel ’08

…is an environmental educator at Cleveland Metroparks Watershed Stewardship Center.

Melanie (Lyle) Lewis ’01

…moved to Miami, FL after graduation and worked as a staff scientist in the environmental consulting field. She has since relocated back to Pennsylvania and is currently working as a lab technician at Stewart Labs in Clarion.

Xiaoqing (Evelyn) Ma ’14

… is a Strategic Pricing Analyst in North Carolina.

 Kala Mahen ’19

… is a researcher at Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. She is working under Dr. George Stark in his cancer lab while focusing on immunotherapy and other cancer treatments. Dr. Stark is a distinguished scholar and is mostly known for his invention of both the Western and Northern blots and the discovery of the JAK-STAT signaling pathway, a chain of protein signaling responsible for cell death, cell division, immunity, and most importantly, tumor formation.

She is also studying to receive her masters of public health through Chamberlain University.

Nicole Mason ’00 (former Project Coordinator)

…spent two years in the Peace Corps and went on to become Project Coordinator of Creek Connections at Allegheny College for two years. After working for a food securities group in Washington, she completed a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics at the Michigan State University.  She is now an associate professor at Michigan State University.

Melissa McCann ’18

…is pursuing a graduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis.

Kaitlin McCormick ’05

…is working for Ecology and Environment, Inc. at their Lancaster, NY headquarters.  She is also pursuing an Executive MBA at the University of Buffalo.

Brogan McGowan ’16

…is a Project Coordinator at Pittsburgh Filmmakers designing programming, curriculum, and outreach initiatives for Youth Digital Media.

Christy Meredith ’99

…She currently works for the Environmental Protection Agency in the Office of Research and Development. For her research dissertation, Christy studied factors influencing distribution of exotic brown trout in mountain streams in Utah. She previously worked as a freshwater scientist for the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, helping local watershed groups and governments evaluate their streams, and developing watershed assessment plans and restoration projects. She was also employed at the U.S. Forest Service for three years, where she studied effects of cattle grazing on salmon streams in the West and communicated her findings to managers. She now resides in Minnesota.

John Milligan ’12

…is an Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences at Thomas Jefferson University, East Falls campus.

Kelsey (Mitchell) Whittelsey ’10

…She currently lives in Erie, PA with her husband and two daughters.

David Olson ’15

… is a Research Assistant for Forest Entomology at the University of Kentucky while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Entomology.

Jessie (Perryman) Fuller ’06

…is teaching in the Meadville area.

Zachary Piso ’10

…pursued a Ph.D. in Environmental Philosophy at Michigan State University. He is now an Assistant Environmental Philosophy Professor at the University of Dayton.

Nick Radio ’01

…Completed a Ph.D. in pharmacology at Duquesne University with research on the effects of melatonin on bone formation in human stem cells (may be used for osteoporosis therapy). He is also the head TA for an anatomy lab and has a chocolate lab. He is now the Regional Manager- East for Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Chris Resek ’97 (former Project Coordinator)

…obtained a Masters of Arts and Teaching from the University of Pittsburgh and started as a 7th grade Earth Science teacher at Highlands Middle School (north of Pittsburgh) in the fall of 2004.

Emily Ricotta ’09

….earned her Master of Science in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology degree from  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health and is now a Senior Research Assistant at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, with the Global Program on Malaria – NetWorks project.  It is a USAID-funded program aimed at preventing malaria by increasing access to and promoting consistent use of long lasting insecticide-treated bed nets.  She’s responsible for data collection, analysis, and dissemination, and travels all of the world managing field teams and attending international meetings with partners like Roll Back Malaria and the World Health Organization.

Matt Rowles ’00

…worked for the EPA’s EnergyStar Program, was a consultant for the DOE’s renewable technologies programs and completed a combined MS/MBA program at Duquesne University in Environmental Management.

Allison Roy ’98

…received a master’s degree in Entomology from the University of Georgia in 2000 and earned a Ph.D. in Ecology, also from the University of Georgia. She took a post-doctoral position in Cincinnati with the EPA’s Sustainable Environments Branch. She now works as a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts and an Assistant Unit Leader Fisheries with USGS.

Sara Salisbury ’12

…was an environmental scientist with ARCADIS, an environmental consulting firm.  She did everything from permitting and site remediation to restoration projects and more! She is pursuing a graduate degree at Middle Tennesee State University.

Nicole Scatena ’07

…earned her Masters of Public Health degree at Boston University’s School of Public Health, with a concentration in Environmental Health. She worked for PPG as the Industrial Coatings Product Stewardship Manager for the Americas. She is now a Global Product Stewardship Manager at Johnson & Johnson.

Rich Schultheis ’01

…completed a master’s degree at the University of Georgia with a project on wetland trophic dynamics. He is currently a Migratory Shore & Upland Game Bird Biologist for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism. He also enjoys biking.

Jeffrey Shearer ’99

…is an aquatic ecologist for the National Park Service Southeast Alaska Network Inventory and Monitoring Program. He oversees freshwater monitoring activities in 5 National Parks in Southwest Alaska covering 9.4 million acres. He and Cara married in March, 2007.

Amy Shema ’98

…earned a master’s degree in Education and became a certified elementary teacher. She got  her Ph.D. in Education at the University of Rochester. She has worked for the Humane Society and the Audubon Society. She is currently a Senior Research Associate for Synergy Enterprises Inc.

Mike Shema ’02

…earned a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management from Duquesne University and is now living in Pittsburgh with his wife, Laura Paich ’02, and daughter. He and Laura are working as ecologists with Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. and environmental consulting firm based in Pittsburgh.

Adam Smee ’98

…is living in Kathmandu, Nepal and works at Lincoln School, an international school for expat students.  He teachers philosophy, environment, and graphic design to high school students.

Ellen (Smith) Cass ’05

…is teaching at the Creating Landscapes Learning Center.

Jackie Stallard ’06

…completed her master’s degree from Lesley University and is the Manager of Education Programs at  Project Learning Tree in Washington, D.C.

Johanna Stanley ’17

…is a Animal Care Technician at Hera Bio Labs.

Paul Sutkowski ’18

…is a genetic Counseling Assistant at GeneDx.

William Tolliver ’14

…is the Manager of Early Childhood Learning at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Laura (Tingley) Tuel ’03

…earned her J.D. at West Virginia University.  She married Alex Tuel in 2007 and they have two sons: Hudson and Desmond.  After living in WV, DC, and MD, they now reside in Colorado. Laura worked for The Wilderness Society as the Senior Philanthropy Officer for the Southwest Region. She is now the Major Gift Officer for national conservation org.

Laura Tonn


Jacob Turin ’16

…is studying at the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy.

Chris Turner ’98

…is Senior Managing Scientist at The Johnson Co.

Kelcy Wagner ’15

…is the Specialty Conference Program Administrator for The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society.

Laura Wies ’01

…is managing a farm and farmer training program: the Greater Lansing FoodbankShe is currently an Associate Inspection Supervisor for California Certified Organic Farmers.

Lynn Willey ’96

…is a Senior Environmental Scientist at Tighe & Bond.

Mary (Zoller) Utter ’06

…is the Assistant Dean of Students at Chatham University.